Letting Go Of Craziness

Sometimes it takes an incredible focus to keep from being distracted by crazy people. You know the type. They lie, spin, insult, and blame everyone else to give themselves the illusion of control. They make fools of themselves as they attempt to hang on to control that isn’t theirs in the first place. They disrupt, behave themselves, only to disrupt again when folks least expect it. Nasty and vindictive doesn’t even begin to describe these people. And sadly, it’s never their responsibility to be better people. It’s ours to let it all go.

Many have a Jekyll and Hyde personality, civil one moment, nasty the next. So it makes no sense to believe anything they say especially when they’re behaving. It’s only a ploy to draw people in for their next attack. Their single-mindedness prevents them from caring about their effect on others preferring control over cooperative effort and if people are hurt by them, that’s just too bad.

I’ve had my fill of people like this. I tend to stay away from them unless I have no other choice in the matter. But sometimes it happens that I have to engage with these whack jobs and my empathic awareness allows me to really see what’s going on with them. That’s why I have to steer clear of people like this. Their craziness is just too much for me and I have a Psych degree.

Vendetta is their middle name as they move through life like locusts devouring everyone in sight. They lack simple compassion for others and take every opportunity to cast unwarranted blame, generally shitting on their victims. I know one individual who never met anyone she wouldn’t throw under the bus on the slightest whim in an effort to keep from accepting any responsibility for her own choices. These people fall down on the job and it’s never their fault. It’s better to spin and lie and blame the innocent. Life is simpler that way.

A binding spell is tempting with these people when they run amok for too long, but I’ve found that it’s better to not give them any attention at all. It keeps them off their game when no one is responding to them. And it’s never a good idea to meet with these people alone. Always take a buddy as a witness to their behavior. Otherwise, people might not believe you if their only interaction has been with the angel and not the devil.

Because I’ve dealt with so many of these people over my life I tend to crave solitude now. I can’t take the endless nasty sarcasm. It’s abusive and unnecessary and I see no reason for any of it. It stems from a narrative that serves only their purpose, whatever that is. It’s like not telling someone about something they’re supposed to do and then blaming them for not doing it. They take great delight in setting up others and more delight when they can cast blame and say I told you so leaving their victim wondering what just happened.

My husband worked with a guy like this years ago. It was like, was that a two by four up side of the head, or was it my co-worker? Hit and run. That’s their modus operandi, their standard operating procedure. And at 63, my husband has also had his fill of these folks. Black Belts are like that. We take so much and then we’re done. And we’re both done.

Bullshit like this is wasted motion to a martial artist, unnecessary and dangerous. It keeps conflict going and that’s never a good thing. Vindictiveness has a way of escalating into something these fools can’t control and the misery and hurt they cause cannot be easily undone. But they don’t care. After all, it’s for the rest of us to deal with.

Eventually, everyone around them is given a front row seat to their craziness so you’d think they’d think twice before screwing over innocent people. But in my experience, people who are so wrapped up in their own disturbed agenda never learn and they never change. And if they do, after experiencing their abuse, no one cares. It’d be nice if they could let go of their own craziness and live life in balance but no one should hold out for that.

It’s why I have a garden. And bees.

Blessings to all!

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on July 19, 2017.



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Jan Erickson

Jan Erickson

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