Leo Moon — 31 July to 2 August 2019

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The Moon travels into lively Leo and the 12th House of restriction, unseen forces and fear at 6:19 AM PDT on 31 July 2019. Additionally, Mercury leaves retrograde, yay! and now maybe my weedeater will work when I want it to. With Leo influencing, it’s time to take center stage and liven things up! However, the 12th House may influence a need for seclusion, so strike a balance over the next few days. Retreat if things get too much, but find something to do outside your comfort zone as well. The chart is below.

Chart Information

  • Mode/Quality — Fixed or stable energies dominate over less stable Mutable energies. Initiation may be challenged.
  • Elements — Fire prevails over all other elements over the next few days aligning with energetic Leo influences.
  • Rays — 1st (Will/Power) and 5th (Concrete Knowledge) provide the greatest ray influences suggesting assertiveness and expertise are favored.
  • Signs — Leo creates the strongest influence describing the energy that is motivational and fosters self-confidence. Avoid arrogance and grandstanding.
  • Houses — 6th (home, routine, health) and 12th (endings, strengths, weaknesses) are providing some focus.

Aspects of the Moon

  • Conjunction the Sun — Orb 8°03′ Applying — along with the New Moon occurring at 8:12 PM PDT, this aspect suggests a new beginning of some kind on the horizon. Additionally, self-awareness is in focus.
  • Conjunction Mercury — Orb 6°02′ Separating — empathic awareness may be enhanced along with intuition and compassionate interactions with others.
  • Conjunction Venus — Orb 4°16′ Applying — suggests a focus on the arts and spending time with friends.
  • Square Uranus — Orb 6°33′ Applying — describes a focused attempt on gaining attention that may not sit well with others. Understand the effect of your actions on others.
  • Trine Chiron — Orb 5°42′ Applying — compassion for the pain of others is enhanced over the next few days and we’re able to share our experiences in a manner that helps others examine their own.
  • Trine Ceres — Orb 1°03′ Applying — relationships with women continue to be in focus with interactions flowing better than they have in previous weeks given that Ceres is no longer in retrograde.
  • Square the Midheaven — Orb 0°29′ Applying — describes a strong need for an emotionally satisfying career or work environment.
  • Human Design/I Ching — 7/31 — The Channel of the Alpha is active suggesting leadership skills are available; Gate 56 Line 4 Expediency describes superficiality that conceals truth as a form of self-protection; 8/1 — The Channel of the Alpha continues its influence; Gate 7 Line 2 The Democrat reinforces leadership skills that support the majority.
  • Retrograde — Jupiter (inward focus), Pluto (dealing with karmic debt), and Saturn (revisit old issues, inward discipline), Neptune (a focus on the spiritual versus the mundane, remain in observer/Higher Self mode)
  • Lunar Phase — New — 8:11 PM PDT 31 July 2019

Aspects and Influences

Now that Mercury has left its retrograde path, interactions with others may settle down. The New Moon, which I’ll talk more about in the Magickal Workings section, provides the energy for creating something new and the Moon’s conjunction with the Sun suggests just that. Whatever is on the horizon may also involve others and the energy is better for that as well

The only outlier is the square with Uranus which might foster a little arrogance or pushiness, so watch for that to keep positive interactions with others flowing well.

Leadership skills are definitely available but again, allow for the input from others. It will certainly make the experience more enjoyable!

Magickal Workings

My husband and I went on a walk early this morning to avoid the mosquitos and the heat that’s coming today. It was nice to clear out the cobwebs brought on by Mercury’s retrograde influence. I worked a spell the other day that made me feel a little better, but only a little. These are difficult times and reflection is required. That’s why I’ve been recommending trancework for either alignment or for influencing outcomes. It may be all that we can do now until the situation and path forward become more clear.

Working magicks on the New Moon typically involve setting intentions or consecrating this tool or that sigil but they can also surround a genesis of some kind, otherwise known as new beginnings. In Leo tonight at 8:11 PM PDT, intentions may be set at that time for the greatest magickal effect.

Magickal workings can focus on issues of healing and transformation, rebirthing if you will into something new and extraordinary. Given Mercury’s influence this evening, perhaps a working to create a better interaction with others is in order. Use Leo’s influence to take command of a situation steering it to a more realistic or successful outcome. Either way, this evening provides the landscape for anything the witch wishes to accomplish.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always viewed the New Moon as a time for quiet reflection, for establishing my path or focus for the coming month, and for taking stock of how my life has been going. With the pressure now over from Mercury’s retrograde influence, it feels like full steam ahead.

With all the deception and chaos we’re experiencing by the government, it’s nice to take some time away from that insanity to carve out a path just for ourselves, one that focuses on peaceful thoughts and unified expression.

Allow for the possibility of peaceful interactions with others and you might be surprised at just how much they want the same.

Until next time…

Blessings to all!

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