Leo Moon 3–5 July 2019

Apologies for getting a late start because I intended to write this last evening, but the herb garden called and I was gathering and tincturing. I finally have enough meadowsweet and wood betony to create simples from my own garden. Meadowsweet is a wonderful natural aspirin substitute and wood betony, among other things, acts as an expectorant and diuretic along with calming the nervous system. Wood betony’s bitter flavor also stimulates digestion. Having both on hand in simple (single herb) tincture form makes it easy to add a few drops to tea if needed.

But back to the matter at hand. The Moon moves into dynamic Leo and the 7th House of partnership at 8:20 PM PDT on 3 July 2019 remaining there until it enters Virgo at 9:26 PM PDT on the 5th. With Leo’s lively influence in the mix, holiday gatherings should be joyful and fun! Take a break from your troubles and have a great time! The chart is below:

Chart Information

  • Mode/Quality — Cardinal and Fixed are both strong influences suggesting the energy for both initiating new projects as well as perseverance. Mutable, or unstable, energies are in a weakened state, however, cautioning against inflexibility.
  • Elements — Mirroring the Mutable quality, Water or our emotions dominates along with Fire (will/creativity) and practical Earth while Air, representing our intellect, is practically nonexistent. Objectivity may suffer which taken with the inflexibility described by the state of Mutable influences above suggests that we may get in the way of our own progress over the next few days.
  • Rays — 1st (will/power), 3rd (active intelligence), and the 7th (ceremonial order/magick) are present suggesting that will power and organizational skills are available. With Air or our intellect merely a suggestion over the next few days, we may need the extra cosmic influence of the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence to assist.
  • Quadrant/Hemisphere — The third quadrant is still influencing suggesting the continued need for objectivity in relationships which seems to place empathy and compassion at risk.

Aspects of the Moon

  • Conjunction Mercury — Orb 3°53′ Applying — intuition and creativity are strong and emotions govern interactions with others.
  • Conjunction Mars — Orb 1°22′ Applying — impulsive and tactless, empathy toward others may be at a minimum. Avoid an authoritarian/unrealistic approach.
  • Square Uranus — Orb 5°59′ Applying — erratic behavior may negatively affect desired results.
  • Trine Chiron — Orb 5°55′ Applying — extending empathy and compassion takes a focus.
  • Conjunction Juno — Orb 6°16′ Applying — in alignment with Chiron, nurturing self and others dominates.
  • Trine Ceres — Orb 1°04′ Applying — relationships with women are in focus.
  • Square the Midheaven (Scorpio) — Orb 2°52′ Separating — career choice may be dependent upon emotional satisfaction. Interactions with authority figures may be challenged if satisfaction is low.

Human Design/I Ching

  • 7/3 — Gate 56 The Wanderer Line Expediency describes superficiality as self-protection; Channel of Rhythm — design of being in the flow
  • 7/4 — Gate 7 Military Leadership Line 2 The Democrat describes leadership skills that arise in response to the situation that are both rational and logical; Channel of the Alpha — a design of leadership
  • Retrograde — Ceres (issues of self-nurturing), Jupiter (inward focus), Pluto (dealing with karmic debt), and Saturn (revisit old issues, inward discipline), Neptune (a focus on the spiritual versus the mundane, remain in observer/Higher Self mode)
  • Lunar Phase — New Moon


Empathy seems to be at odds with authoritarian or impulsive action and compassion may suffer. There also may be a sense of flow, albeit erratic, to the impulsivity that seems to take on a life of its own. No one exhibiting that mindset is listening to truth or facts or is behaving rationally.

If we allow emotions and intuition to influence our relationships with others, particularly with women, we create the space for healing and compassion. Otherwise, impulsivity may foster a more tactless response. Leo’s initiating energy, if kept in perspective, can be beneficial.

The Channel of Rhythm, active in the Human Design bodygram, signals energetic flow, but again, this may be dependent upon one’s perspective and level of impulse control. However, on the 4th, the Design of the Alpha comes into play describing leadership skills. But it doesn’t define that any further, so if Mercury, Juno, Chiron, or Ceres provide the strongest influence, then leadership is expressed with compassion.

If Mars or Uranus provides the strongest influence, then compassion may be missing and interactions with others may prove challenging. The square with the Midheaven (Scorpio) may foster a self-oriented focus that again, may not take into account respect for others. Try to remain flexible.

Magickal Workings

Given Jupiter’s retrograde, a witch may want to use the 4th to go within and explore woundings that may inform our perspective but should really have no further impact on interactions with others. It sounds like the next few days will be positive, but if impulse control is a factor, then workings involving harmony and balance can be worked on Friday.

The activist witch may wish to perform workings on the 4th concerning social justice, particularly given the horrendous treatment of migrant children and families seeking asylum in the United States. As we celebrate our nation’s independence, we do so with a commander-in-chief who has no clue what that sacred responsibility entails. We do so as children are harmed and worse. We do so as the soul of our country is damaged beyond repair.

Anything, a binding, banishing, a purification, may be of assistance. Jasper, emerald, and sapphire may be included and copal can be burned to cleanse the sacred space for the working. Black and white candles may be used as can candles that are green, pink, and blue. Rose quartz and lapis lazuli are also helpful.

If performing herb magick, star anise on the altar helps align leadership energy with Spirit as does borage flower. Red clover promotes understanding and justice as does dandelion, and if trancework is desired, some mugwort along with cannabis is useful to help achieve the trance state. And if the witch happens to have some vervain, it stimulates healing and guards against negative energy.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes too much objectivity in relationships prevents or hinders expressions of empathy. If our assertive side overshadows our compassionate side, we may be unwilling to listen costing us the support we may actually need to succeed. Or on a more personal level, dominating the conversation may also create some challenging interactions as well. If getting together with friends and family over the 4th of July holiday, spend as much time listening as entertaining. A superficial approach will only get us so far.

Until next time…

Lunar Blessings!

Originally published at https://www.imsteppingaside.com on July 4, 2019.



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