It’s Mueller Thursday! Human Design Transits for 18 April 2019

Someone contacted me on the Stepping Aside Facebook page with a question about the Moon in Human Design and I realized that I hadn’t looked at any Human design transits in quite a while, so I decided to cast a chart for tomorrow at the time the Mueller Report is scheduled to be released. Because this is affecting the entire country, I didn’t feel the need to choose Washington DC as the location so I’m using my own location to cast the Bodygram and Rave Mandela and using 6:30 AM PDT as the time. The report itself is technically scheduled to be released at 9:30 AM EDT; however, the AG has indicated that the House Committees won’t see their less-redacted version until later in the day.

Although Human Design considers planetary locations in the same manner as astrology, the placement of signs on the Rave Mandela is nearly opposite from the standard astrology chart. Instead of planets moving through the Houses, the operative energy is created as they move through the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. They also happen to correspond with the 64 codons found in our DNA.

Each of the 64 codons contains 6 groups of amino acids which align with the six lines contained within each hexagram. This also aligns in principle with an astrological chart although as I said above, their placement on the Rave Mandela is different. Again, instead of the Houses, we’ll be considering the line placement of the planets in the 64 Gates reflecting the 64 I Ching hexagrams by looking at both the Bodygram for the Gate information and the Rave Mandela for the planetary placements. And then we’ll look at the Incarnation Cross and how it relates to any purposeful action regarding the report. Normally, a chart deals with an individual so the Incarnation Cross describes the interaction between both Design and Personality Sun and Earth, creating a cross that defines the individual’s life purpose.

Normally, a Bodygram will contain both Design and Personality Information but for daily transits, we look only at the Personality side of the chart. Design (unconscious) influences enter the developing fetus approximately 88 days before birth while the Personality (conscious) influences are established at the time of birth. Had the Bodygram above contained the Design information, there would have been red lines and information on the upper left side of the chart. A close look at the Rave Mandela shows both influences on the Bodygram in its center. The Personality breakdown follows the Bodygram.

Planetary Information

  • Sun at Gate 3 Difficulty at the Beginning Line 2 Immaturity; 28° 13′ 59″ in Aries
  • Earth at Gate 50 The Cauldron Line 2 Determination; 28° 13′ 59″ in Libra
  • Moon at Gate 57 The Gentle Line 1 Confusion; 15° 58′ 59″ in Libra
  • North Node at Gate 62 Preponderance of the Small Line 1 Routine; 21° 32′ 15″ in Cancer
  • South Node at Gate 61 Inner Truth Line 1 Occult Knowledge; 21° 32′ 15″ in Capricorn
  • Mercury at Gate 25 Innocence Line 4 Survival; 1° 37′ 40″ in Aries
  • Venus at Gate 36 Darkening of the Light Line 6 Justice; 27° 26′ 40″ in Pisces
  • Mars at Gate 35 Progress Line 1 Humility; 12° 3′ 36″ in Gemini
  • Jupiter at Gate 11 Peace Line 2 Rigour; 24° 15′ 13″ in Sagittarius
  • Saturn at Gate 54 The Marrying Maiden Line 6 Selectivity; 20° 24′ 38″ in Capricorn
  • Uranus at Gate 27 Nourishment Line 1 Selfishness; 2° 16′ 31″ in Taurus
  • Neptune at Gate 22 Grace Line 1 Second Class Ticket; 17° 40′ 14″ in Pisces
  • Pluto at Gate 61 Inner Truth Line 3 Interdependence; 23° 8′ 32″ in Capricorn

At first blush, I find it interesting that both Pluto and the South Node are positioned at Gate 61, an expression of inner truth, however, their Lines are different, with interdependence as Pluto’s theme and the South Node’s focus as occult knowledge. But before we get too far into this, take a look at the rave Mandela below and then we’ll look at each planet, their Gates and Lines, to see if we can discover any energetic directions tomorrow’s issuance may take.

The Rave Mandela

You can see the 64 Hexagrams surrounding the Mandela with the six small lines within each section reflecting the six lines of each hexagram. The hexagram number appears next followed by the astrological sign. From there, the planetary glyphs appear in their respective Gates: black indicating the Personality side and red indicating the Design side. And as you can see, the complete Bodygram appears in the center.


So, irrespective of how anyone reading this feels about the Mueller investigation or the current occupant of the White House, tomorrow is the day when Mr. Mueller’s report will be issued to both Congress and to the American people. We learned this evening that a separate report will be given to certain members of Congress (I assume that means the Gang of 8, but I don’t know for sure) with fewer redactions than the people will see. But since there has been such an uproar over how the new Attorney General has handled all of this, more than a few of us are concerned, to say the least, about what will actually happen tomorrow.

The Sun at Gate 3 Difficulty at the Beginning Line 2 Immaturity suggests that there were challenges at the beginning of the AG’s tenure with his ability to establish right order reflecting instead a level of immaturity that was unexpected given his stature in government.

The Earth at Gate 50 The Cauldron Line 2 Determination describes how tradition and in this case the rule of law provide the continuity necessary to establish the right order mentioned above. In other words, a precedent established the process which the AG appears to not have follow ed.

The Moon at Gate 57 The Gentle Line 1 Confusion suggests the need for clarity and to face up to what we already know within. The AG’s past history of not giving a true picture in a “summary” may be a prologue to what’s occurring now.

The North Node at Gate 62 Preponderance of the Small Line 1 Routine indicates a need to focus upon the details instead of the overall picture the occupant of the Oval Office would prefer to dictate. A careful, methodical approach is required.

The South Node at Gate 61 Inner Truth Line 1 Occult Knowledge reminds me of a Congresswoman I heard remark that by the AG refusing to answer her question he told her everything she needed to know. A sense of inner knowing will guide Congress and the American people going forward.

Mercury at Gate 25 Innocence Line 4 Survival involves protecting the purity of the investigation. Congress and the American people should be able to trust the outcome, irrespective of the content. Nothing should be kept from us that doesn’t affect current investigations or court proceedings. Lofty principles apply here along with a standard of excellence.

Venus at Gate 36 Darkening of the Light Line 6 Justice describes the people in crisis over a lack of clarity regarding the Mueller investigation and report. Justice may be interfered with by those who wish to conceal the truth, however, in the end, the light of truth will illuminate the darkness.

Mars at Gate 35 Progress Line 1 Humility may simply describe the fact that this has been a process and that much humility has been required so that progress can be preserved, particularly with the lack of trust so evident. Otherwise, this may focus on the AG’s choice to step outside of traditional rules in an apparent effort to neutralize the report.

Jupiter at Gate 11 Peace Line 2 Rigour describes the need for calm when looking at all components of the Mueller investigation and report. It also indicates the need to be savvy when dealing with the obstructive nature of those who want the report buried.

Saturn at Gate 54 The Marrying Maiden Line 6 Selectivity asks us to use discretion in our interactions with others. Not everyone is telling the truth and we need to be selective in who we believe until the entire report is made available to both Congress and the American people.

Uranus at Gate 27 Nourishment Line 1 Selfishness involves both selfishness and envy and how that detracts from the ability to show compassion and empathy. Tomorrow may be difficult for those who wish the best from the Mueller report if the worst is revealed. The current occupant of the White House and target of the investigation is rather vile and will likely garner little sympathy or compassion from the general populace if the report doesn’t exonerate him after all.

Neptune at Gate 22 Grace Line 1 Second Class Ticket describes the ability to take a backseat or subordinate role with grace and dignity, a difficult experience for the focus of the investigation. If he is so innocent, an expression of grace might have fostered a more supportive response. However, he’s unable to play second to anyone, as the world has so painfully seen.

Pluto at Gate 61 Inner Truth Line 3 Interdependence brings us to what we all need: truth. But instead of deriving the truth only through inner awareness, we reinforce the truth that’s learned through mutual engagement and collaborative search. It represents the culmination of all the investigators, both legal and journalistic, and their efforts to reach the truth of what happened during the last presidential campaign and the election itself.

But the real question that needs answering, besides clearing up all the endless lies from this man, is what has he done to compromise our nation by lying about his business associations? How much quid pro quo is going on?

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, there are numerous investigations and court proceedings on the horizon, their work protected by Mr. Mueller before ending his term as Special Prosecutor. It was reported that he won’t be there tomorrow when the new AG gives his press conference at 9:30 AM EDT. It was also reported that five Committee Chairs have asked the new AG to cancel the press conference given its inappropriate nature. That’s the ongoing issue, really, the departure from established rules and norms. But this chart indicates a movement in a better direction, one that moves around the obstruction and obfuscation that’s plagued the investigation since its inception. Now, let’s take a final look at the Incarnation Cross.

The Incarnation Cross

Incarnation crosses can be either left or right-angled with the left having a service to others approach and the right with a focus on self-development. And I don’t mean to imply a service to self focus with that, only that they’re working on themselves during this particular incarnation. Left angles tend to take a more humanitarian view of life and concern themselves with the needs of others.

The Right Angled Cross of Laws describes the energy of preservation: of values, traditions, and laws. Here this Incarnation Cross is telling us that our fundamental values and laws will carry us through this horrific experience and that our country will be stronger for it in the end. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, leading us out of the darkness in the preservation of truth and dignity.

Well, that’s a relief. My husband and I will be up by 6:15 to get ready. You’ll likely find me on Twitter and then a little later I’ll take a break to do the Thursday episode of Somewhat Daily Tarot and Rune for upload on YouTube. But then it will be a full day in front of the television. I know. But it’s been two years and my husband wants to see this through. We celebrate forty years together in May. The least I can do is rant along with him.

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on April 18, 2019.



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