Integrative Wholeness and Definition

I was reading a piece by Andrea Abay-Abay titled, Human Design System Basic Concepts: Kinds of Chart Definition where she discusses the chart definitions described by Ra Uru Hu. Definitions are about the way we achieve a sense of integration or wholeness. The Human Design chart illustrates the mechanics of both our fundamental design in integration with the planetary influences at our time of birth. If there are no breaks in how the Centers in the chart connect with each other, then it’s said that a single definition exists. When Centers do not connect, it can split the chart essentially in half creating the split definition, or it can split into three or four sections. The final definition is no definition at all. Most of us fall along the single or split-definition groupings while 10% are triple splits, .5% are quads, and no defs comprise slightly more than 1%.

My husband and youngest son are both single definition personalities and both are self-contained units. It’s not that they don’t find interaction with others valuable, but that they’re fine with going it alone if necessary.

My oldest son is a split definition and as Andrea says in her article, the individual with a split definition believes:

“You complete me.” Introducing your significant other as your “other half” is a sentiment that almost half the people on this planet deeply resonate with.¹

He likes the give and take felt in interaction. He and his younger brother play off each other in friendly banter and it’s hilarious to listen to. And he does value partnership, evidenced by his recent marriage to his partner of ten years. To be fair, she was in graduate school, but each had such a strong commitment to the other, their wedding formalized what the rest of us believed was a given.

I have a triple-split definition which essentially means that I need variety and that no one person can bridge whatever divide I choose to create. From Andrea’s article:

Because each of your areas of definition are highly specialized, and can be brought together with a variety of different bridges, you are a complex being with extraordinary potential for assimilation and integration of information through movement and over time.²

Basically, it’s a squirrels and shiny objects world for a witch such as myself. I wander…a bunch. I’ll get lost in the yard for hours looking at this plant or that insect. Interesting patterns are everywhere and a witch notices everything.

Anyway, after reading her really excellent article, I brought up my Human Design transit chart to see what was happening today and to look at it from the standpoint of my triple-split definition. The transits in the column to the right of the chart apply to everyone, with the Channels activated by interaction with my natal chart.

The Sun transits today at Gate 17 Following, Line 6 The Bodhisattva which also activates the Channel of Acceptance by creating a channel between transiting Gate 17 and Design Gate 62 from my natal chart. Solutions are communicated with ease, with a unity of purpose felt. A nurturing influence, Gate 17 suggests that to fully understand leadershp and authority we need to also understand and experience service to others. Today’s transiting Sun at Gate 17 Line 6 along with the Channel of Acceptance indicates that this understanding has been achieved.

Then we move into Buddhahood as the Earth transits at Gate 18 Work on What Has Been Spoilt Line 6 Buddhahood. This is about correction and improvement and the desire within to defend fundamental human rights. It reflects a constant striving for refinement of belief and a need to avoid stasis. So far, both transits support my left-angled incarnation cross of the Clarion. Left-angled incarnation crosses have a service to others focus to their lives, while right-angled crosses are more self-focused. The bodhisattva along with Buddhahood lend themselves well to a service to others focus and the variety encountered would support my triple-split needs.

So where does the Moon take us in transit today? Collectively we’re in survival mode. Transiting at Gate 3 Difficulty at the Beginning Line 3 Survival we’re feeling the intuitive need to create order from chaos and when collaboration with others provides the best hope. Union and intimacy with others are felt with the transiting North Node, the South Node in the Gate of Abundance reminding that not everything is within our control.

Venus is taking a time out in recuperation while she’s surrounded by Mercury affecting impulse control and Mars influencing dominating egos to run amok. Jupiter expands our perception and intuition through this transit while Saturn encourages us to embrace change. Continuing the energies of expansion, Uranus increases appreciation for our shared experiences while maintaining control over their direction as Pluto acknowledges natural authority which embraces those in a supportive role.

Uranus and Pluto also support the Buddhahood from transiting Earth suggesting a mediating influence. The Middle Way counsels us to take a neutral view:

It means to investigate and penetrate the core of life and all things with an upright, unbiased attitude. In order to solve a problem, we should position ourselves on neutral, upright and unbiased ground. We investigate the problem from various angles, analyze the findings, understand the truth thoroughly, and find a reasonable conclusion.³

Standing up for others as well as in our own power gives those of us with a triple-split definition the varied experiences we need to feel that we’re making a difference in the world. And today our focus appears to be on our collective nature. We’ve started on a path, and for many, not of our choosing. The South Node asks us to hang in there with that. Change that is both expansive and unsettling is happening and it may be some time before we know its full effects so it makes sense that many of us feel as if we’re in survival mode, with tensions and emotions heightened as they have been.

As polarized as we seem, it provides an opportunity to find integrative wholeness again, particularly when it’s revealed that we were manipulated into all of this conflict to enrich a chosen few. Whatever it takes, we must find our way back to each other and reject this notion of the other.

We are now and forever one family. No matter what the orange guy says or does.

Blessed Be


Originally published at on March 29, 2017.



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