Integration and Balance, Part Two

Jan Erickson
3 min readMar 16

Today’s As Above, So Below reading from my YouTube channel appears to reinforce Monday’s reading concerning integration and balance but with some catalytic energy thrown in to get things moving. Below are the reading notes.

Today’s runes included Nauthiz ᚾ and Tristitia. Nauthiz is the Norn rune of the future which describes the friction within or the inner need to manifest something. Tristitia, on the other hand, describes grief and sadness but on the level of fixation or self-recrimination. Condemnation is also part of Tristitia.

For the cards, I used a new Rider-Waite deck which is really lovely. And yes, I can’t stop purchasing new decks. It is what it is.

All cards are again, as with Monday, from the Major Arcana suggesting major change or the need for higher awareness, so there’s a synchronicity there. Monday’s reading involved understanding the need to let go of any self-deception (or deception from others) and find a path forward together. And although the two readings appear to be related, again, this one seems to be focused on the individual and a reintegration, rebalancing, or healing that is needed. However, Monday’s reading did involve letting go of perception, so take what you want from that reading and how it might apply to today’s reading.

Beginning with The Emperor, we see a man in authority sitting on his throne with a ram’s head on each corner. He’s still wearing his battle attire (or at least the boots) with a red cloak covering him. A card of Aries, The Emperor represents the Father aspect of self who is pragmatic, disciplined, and reasoned as well as motivated and ambitious. Its four numerology suggests foundational energies of grounding and structure. So, whether we see him as our own inner authority to understand the truth, or a wise mentor or counselor of some kind who can give us a more realistic perspective, the goal here is to reorder a situation that’s happened in our mind and heart and be able to move on.

The Tower, the 16th card from the Major Arcana has a seven numerology suggesting letting things come to rest as you would experience with a set of scales. We see a lightning bolt strike the top of the tower setting in on fire while two people are leaping from the tower and falling to escape the fire’s flames. The Tower reflects…

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