Insist, Persist, and Resist Until Respect And Balance Are Restored

Jan Erickson
5 min readJul 3, 2017

After the embarrassing and insulting tweeting by our so-called president last week I wonder where we go from here. We’ve never experienced such lack of impulse control or this level of public meanness in a president. At least not in my memory. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever known someone as unhinged as he and I worked in a mental hospital upon graduating from college. He’s an embarrassment to every single one of us, even those who voted for him.

I drew three cards from my Thoth Tarot deck to see what they had to offer. All three cards are from the Major Arcana indicating to me that these are serious times in which we now find ourselves. This man seems insane or at the least completely unqualified to lead our country, probably both. And to think he replaced Barack Obama as the leader of the free world. I read that moniker goes to Angela Merkel now. I’d give it to her for the side-eye she gave him during a press conference alone. It was fabulous!

I drew Adjustment, The Priestess, and The Universe for the reading. Crowley both retitled and reordered the Justice card calling it Adjustment and placed it as card 8 in the Major Arcana. Blues and greens dominate the scene as a masked woman balances delicately on the tip of the Great Sword of the Magus, one hand above and below the other on its hilt in the shape of two crescent moons. Fours bluish orbs are suspended between 4 diamond -shaped pillars connecting the nonphysical and physical realms. In other decks, Justice is blindfolded, but in the Thoth deck, she wears a mask with slits allowing for focused vision. This is a card of balance, alignment, and equilibrium. She reflects the power of the Goddess within as she extends compassionate strength to all.

The Priestess continues this flow of blessings as she embodies secret knowledge, intuition, and revelation. She wears a mask in the shape of a lemniscate with her arms stretched upward in supplication to the Moon. Lady Frieda Harris uses similar colors as she did with Adjustment although she includes greens and purple when drawing the pinecone and grapes. The Priestess stands as the Feminine Divine, an expression of the unconscious realm in stillness and alignment with Source Presence. She is Hecate, the Triple Goddess who casts her intention into the fabric of the universe in creative balance.

The Universe completes the Major Arcana as well as our journey through form. An eagle, a man, a lion, and a bull, elemental cherubim all, surround a woman standing on the head of a snake as it entwines around her. The All-Seeing Eye extends its rays outward as well as appearing to become the snake itself. The world sits the background, a triskele in its center blending blues, yellows, and greens, our emotions, intellect, and material presence in balance. A star field surrounds the earth with what appears to be a structure below.

A card of both Saturn and Earth, we see the Goddess holding what appears to be a black sickle in her right hand and along with the snake, illustrates the cycle of birth and death. The sickle appears to either extend from the All-Seeing Eye or is it that she pierces its center? Regardless, we see a synthesis of sorts as each elemental cherubim connects to the others as awakening is achieved, our journey complete.

The numerology of the reading is 4 or Gaia energy and structure reinforcing the balance we strike between Spirit and form. Although it can be said that the trainwreck we’re all witnessing is giving us a window into a life that the majority of us do not want, at some point, we have to do something to stop it or many will suffer. This can’t be who we are. We can’t be the sort who uses a crazy old man to distract from ruining the lives of everyday Americans.

As we all watch this trainwreck in action it strikes me as odd that more Republicans aren’t signaling their alarm at his behavior. I suppose it’s convenient to have a lunatic grabbing all the attention while they dismantle our entire social safety net. Maybe they think we won’t notice if our attention is turned to his tweet of the day. Simple minds, all of them.

He’s a puppet to so many while those unsuspecting continue to support him, keeping him going while others work behind the scenes. The situation is becoming out of control with many of us worried about what will happen next. No matter how disgusting and possibly criminal his antics might be, they pale in comparison to what’s happening behind closed doors by legislators who care nothing for the citizens of this already great country. If it’s allowed to continue, our country may be changed forever, and not for the better.

That the Goddess in both Adjustment and The Priestess wear not blindfolds but masks that allow for complete vision is significant. Irrespective of what’s going on we must be willing to see the truth in all its ugliness without any restrictions. We must align in Source Presence in remembrance of who we are and see past the shiny objects they use to distract us from their real agenda. There’s no time left now. Our very lives, and quite possibly the world, are at stake as their policies of hate and destruction are implemented. It’s extreme because some have chosen darkness over the light the truth for too long. It’s time to insist, persist, and resist until a respectful equilibrium is restored.

Blessed Be

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