Inner Balance and Higher Self Presence

After using my Robin Wood Tarot deck for the Exploring Tarot series I’m doing here on the blog, I couldn’t resist doing a six-card reading with it. I began writing this yesterday and found synchronicities within the reading involving the number six. Six figures prominently throughout the reading and yesterday’s numerology was also six, but I was unable to finish writing this until today because of a knee injury my husband suffered the other day. Unfortunately, the last couple of days have been filled with doing everything he normally takes care of along with taking care of him. Apologies for all of that getting away from me.

The six-card spread that I like to do gives me more information that a generalized three card spread gives, but I begin with that as the upper row of three cards followed by two representing passive and active influences and a final card signifying the outcome. In looking over the cards I found that each row’s numerological value is six. Down the middle of the spread, there are two six cards, one from Swords and one from the Major Arcana. And, the overall numerology of the reading is six. And, since I began writing this on a six day, that brings in foundational influences of compassion, balance, Higher Self manifestations reflecting the healer within.

I’ve been giving some thought to patterns in numerology. One way to look at numerology is to consider the odd numbers as an active principle or influence, and the even numbers a passive or inner principle or influence. So the even numbered cards then would deal with our inner or Source presence, or our inner structure and balance. There’s a sense of presence with the even numbered cards instead of something actively happening. It also feels like there is a progression of sorts as well…balance creating structure giving way to manifestation and evolution.

A pattern of sixes brings a stabilizing influence to the reading. There are three cards from the Major Arcana present: The Chariot, The Star, and The Lovers with two from the suit of Swords (2 and 6) and one from the suit of Wands (7). Higher Self appears to be in control over intellect and will.

Beginning with the top row of cards, we have The Chariot. Movement and mastery along with balance and strength are key meanings of the seventh card of the Major Arcana. Seven, in my opinion, is not only about intuition, divinity, and the shadow side of self, but it’s also about balance…three on each side of the one creating a scale of sorts, as evidenced by the yin/yang symbol in the center of the card. The balance between Spirit and form are depicted by the black and white unicorns pulling the King’s chariot. Only one eye is visible from each steed suggesting a single energy at work as they work in concert with each other. When this card appears, we understand that there are situations where we should lead and those where we should surrender control to others. With his hands holding a harp, it suggests that he’s chosen to surrender to his experience, allowing it to flow freely without interference.

Next, we have movement of a different kind with the 6 of Swords. In this rendition of the card, we see an individual that looks like a man riding in a swan-shaped boat on smooth water. An unseen figure pilots the boat suggesting Higher Self influences at work. The sky is blue with clouds appearing in the distance but they don’t seem to obscure his view. Verdant green hills rise from the shoreline. The 6 of Swords, in keeping with the spiritual progression I spoke of earlier, represents moving into Source or Higher Self presence. Traditional interpretations also include a journey over water and oftentimes depict a small family in the boat with the father steering its course. Here, however, we see a different focus. In this card, we’re allowing our Higher Self to guide our way to a more balanced vision.

Balance is again a theme of this upper row of the reading with the 2 of Swords illustrated by a blindfolded woman, her arms crossed holding two swords. The crescent moon shines above, dark clouds visible in the night sky. She sits on a rock structure at the water’s edge, two rock faces barely visible appearing to rise on each side of her. The 2 of Swords indicates alignment and balance, but one that is precarious and difficult. The darkness suggests conflict of some kind and that she may not yet be safe. But her blindfolded eyes suggest an inner strength. She has no need to see the chaos around her for that would only disturb her strong inner focus. Again, we’re looking solutions on this level that suggest answers will be found within our Higher Self or Source presence and with an overall numerology for this upper level of six, that really seems to be what our general focus should be going forward.

Of all the 7 of Wands in all the decks, this one resonates the most with me. We see six staffs (wands) each with crystal tips depicting elemental energies of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth while the man standing in a defensive posture on the ground above holds a long staff with clear crystals on each end, energy radiating from each tip. In the position of passive influence today, although we should certainly stand our ground, the radiating crystals on his staff suggests a more spiritual approach to obstacles or any conflict we might be experiencing. Continuing with the inner focus of the reading, this card may also suggest a difficulty integrating Spirit with ego, particularly given the elementally colored crystals on each of the six swords arising from below.

The Blessed Conduit pours her spiritual essence on the land and into the pond at her feet. She kneels with one leg while her other foot is immersed in the water, nude with flowing golden hair her only covering. She is the Goddess, possessing intuition, openness, and hope. We wish upon a star when this card appears as our dreams become reality. She catalyzes the Spirit within and teaches us the value of spirituality. The Star heals and brings good health and reminds us to gain insight and illumination from inner vision, no doubt an important card to appear in the position of what supports us. And again, this level results in an overall numerology of six and the influence of Source presence in our lives.

Finally, we come to The Lovers, the sixth card of the Major Arcana, again we have another six on this last level. The Lovers represents the outcome of the reading and can indicate a loving relationship between two people, but given the inner focus of today’s reading, it’s more likely illustrating balanced polarity within. The card itself is a beautiful depiction illustrating well feminine and masculine energies within. Although we can look at this as not only who we are but who we are in relation to others, but from an soul-centered standpoint, it’s really about the polarity between the Spirit and ego and the receptive/projective or feminine/masculine balance within each of us. And like The Chariot, there’s a certain amount of surrender at play as well.

It’s easy these days with all the deception that’s happening to react to everything that’s going on without first coming to center and looking at the situation with some dispassion and calm. And yet, that’s essentially what this reading is asking us to do, to allow Spirit inform our perceptions and responses. Otherwise, it’s easy to become caught up in the drama with any clarity taking a back seat to all the noise.

I love six card readings. I’ve been doing a YouTube series called Somewhat Daily Tarot and Rune which I try to do Monday through Friday but sometimes life gets in the way and it’s less. But with that, I only draw one card and one rune to look at daily influences so it’s limited at best. With the Exploring Tarot series I’m doing here on the blog, I’m looking at three cards which is fine, but it always feels like there’s more information to glean, so doing a six card reading today has been fun!

Thanks for stopping by and…

Blessed Be

Originally published at on July 25, 2018.



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