Inguz and the Desire Within ~ Runecasting for 23 April 2018

As I sat in my altar space this morning, I was going to shuffle a tarot deck and do a tarot reading, but I grabbed my rune bag instead. It doesn’t feel like a tarot day, more like a day to consult the runes. I asked silently while letting the runes fall through my fingers inside the bag, what will the coming days bring and drew , the twenty-third rune of the Elder Futhark signaling the end of one period and the beginning of another. In other words, a new day is dawning. We’ve reached the end of one phase and are beginning something new.

But given the weird stasis I’ve been experiencing, I then asked, will something happen? When the final rune was left in my hand, I drew , the second rune of the Elder Futhark signifying manifestation into form, so clearly, it won’t just be the end of a period, but that something will actually manifest. Of course, not every change is for the better, so I asked, what form will the manifestation take?

Again, allowing the runes to fall through my fingers, I finally drew , the seventeenth rune, representing the god, Tyr, and justice. is the spiritual warrior within strengthening self-discipline and our highest ideals. So justice of some kind will prevail? Or will I find the inner strength to achieve new goals?

Since I needed to know more, I reached into the rune bag again, allowing the runes to fall through my fingers until only one remained and drew , the fifth rune of journeying and finding our true purpose. Travel of any kind, both physical and astral, is represented by , and, along with , also influences justice and right order or thinking. It represents rhythmic action and harmony between rider and horse. Stressing the process taken over the goal achieved, essentially moves energy intentionally to move things along versus effecting the desired outcome. In short, represents our soul’s journey throughout our time in the physical realm.

So, a sense of justice is reinforced by as well as the process over the goal which I prefer. But if I drew one more rune, would it give me even more clarity? The twenty-second rune of the Elder Futhark is named, . It can be drawn two ways, as two X’s arranged vertically, or as a diamond. I like the diamond shape the best because invokes the desire within, the seed of creative energy made possible by the forming force of . So it would actually be which represents the manifestation because is simply the catalytic force behind creation which makes sense given that when drawn as the double X, brings to mind a strand of DNA and our genetic inheritance. And, like the seed, releases energy suddenly, so whatever may be manifesting will do so without any hesitation.

Divination is interesting though because what is it that we’re really divining? Are the runes signaling our true course? Are they warning us of things outside of our control? Or are they describing how the world is experienced from within? In my view, I believe the runes tell us all of that. We don’t live alone in the world. Each one of us sees our experience in our own way. How we manage to collectively live together as well as we do is fairly surprising given how many disparate viewpoints that exist. Although we experience the veil of forgetting upon our birth, our soul still drives the bus, so to speak. We’re still in charge of our beliefs, behavior, and perceptions. It’s just others we cannot seem to control and that’s when we believe divination tools such as runes can serve.

But it’s not so much others that we need to control, although a little heads up can be useful at times. In truth, it’s our own self we seek a more informed awareness of. And that’s when runes and other divination tools really shine. Irrespective of which method used, they all represent archetypal patterns that inform our experiences in physical form. So divination is really less about prediction and more about aligning the self in Higher Self vibration and awareness. Runes give us the direction and a way to make the experience insightful and enlightening.

A final note about . Several runes are considered as gardening runes. is one of them. So the runecasting could simply indicate that it’s garden season and irrigation is beginning. Wild ducks and geese are everywhere and soon their babies will be swimming in the ponds on the property. I didn’t get any tomatoes last year because a neighbor flooded the dome greenhouse where they were growing with approximately 2 1/2 feet of water, swamping them and shocking their root systems to the point that they never recovered. It took almost all day to pump out the water because we couldn’t stop it from coming in. Big Mama Roma tomatoes are huge and they make the best pasta sauce and salsa. My husband started some in January and has been cloning them ever since. The original plants are too big to keep so we’ll give them to the chickens to toss about and then plant the clones out in the dome greenhouse at the end of May.

Below are a couple of pictures, one of some baby watermelon growing in pots, growing under LED lighting along with a picture of the plants in the greenhouse. As soon as the night temps are a little higher, they’ll go out into the greenhouse to finish out. It’s going to be a great growing season!


Originally published at on April 23, 2018.



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Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…