In Totality With All

My husband and I sat out under the willow trees to watch this morning’s solar eclipse. It began in Madras and at our home in Redmond, we were in totality at 10:20 am. I remember as a child in Alaska watching a solar eclipse at my aunt’s house. But it wasn’t like this one. This one was amazing! Of course, I couldn’t figure out how to successfully take a picture of the sun in totality on my phone, but what I did get was awesome just the same.

It’s said that we experience an entire turning of the wheel during a solar eclipse, experiencing all of the year’s cyclical energetic influences in that moment. The sun is still not fully back as I write this and I continue to feel the eclipse’s effects. My head feels full, my balance is off, my ears are plugged and buzzing somewhat, and I’m bordering on dizzy. And while it’s a little unsettling, I’m pulling inward and simply observing what I’m feeling.

Just as the eclipse was beginning, I drew six cards from my Thoth Tarot deck. The top three are general influences, the center two are inner and outer influences and the bottom card represents the outcome. The numerology is interesting in that three 7’s occur with The Chariot, the 7 of Disks, and The Tower itself reducing to 7. Together they reduce to 3 aligning with The Empress. Overall, the numerology is 8 or structure and practical matters while Earth dominates over Water in the Major Arcana cards.

Beginning with the general influences, a Knight holding an amethyst shield sits in a chariot pulled by four Kerubic beasts. A crab sits atop his helmet signifying Cancer’s influence in The Chariot, card seven of the Major Arcana. Receptivity is one interpretation of this card, knowing when to lead and when to allow others that privilege. With strength and mastery, the Knight is prepared for future experiences and continues on irrespective of the circumstance.

A card of Saturn in Taurus, the 7 of Disks is titled Failure. Apparently, Crowley interpreted this as a dark card with slow moving energy. I happen to like the dark colors and view the practical nature of both Saturn and Taurus as a time to slow down and take stock of things. The disks form the shape of Rubeus, a geomantic symbol for deception and confusion. Although 7 can signify the dark aspect of Self, it also represents divinity, wholeness, and our intuition. Abundance and harvest are among the traditional interpretations of the 7 of Disks.

Court cards are interesting in that they can represent the qualities of the individuals pictured or the individuals themselves. A horse and his rider, a Knight, return from battle surveying the field of ripe grain. A flail in one hand and a shield in the other, the Knight of Disks is responsible, industrious, as well as a powerful and benevolent King. He has created his wealth and abundance through self-discipline and practical efforts.

The Empress card epitomizes elegance, fertility, and grace. She is the Goddess in her Mother aspect, pregnant with new life. A swan at her feet gazes lovingly at her chicks. The pastel colors used reinforce The Empress‘s receptive presence. A powerfully feminine card in the position of inner influence, The Empress expresses love, happiness, and the unconscious realm.

In the position of outer influence, the 2 of Cups illustrates water pouring down through lotus blossoms into two golden chalices below. Our cup runneth over when this beautiful card presents in a reading. Cancer’s influence is again felt in this card of Venus in Cancer offering healing and reconciliation to the reading. Reciprocity and balanced polarities along with partnership based on love and equality are traditional interpretations for this card.

Renewal born from destruction is expressed in The Tower, card sixteen of the Major Arcana, the outcome of today’s reading. The numerology of the card reduces to seven, reinforcing the notion of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Orange, gold, and red hues are used to depict Fire’s ability to both purify and destroy. Geometric figures fall from The Tower as it topples to the ground while a large toothed mouth breathes fire at its base. The All-Seeing Eye looks down from above while the dove of peace flies high in the sky as a coiled snake of rebirth awaits its turn. With the promise of something better on the horizon, anything is possible.

Today’s solar eclipse occurs on the New Moon, a time for transformation blending together both solar and lunar energies. It’s a pause in an otherwise continual cycle of life. The Moon corresponds with Monday and Elemental Water, full of emotion and mystery and the influence of Cancer in the tarot reading aligns well with today’s events.

Emotions may have been influencing our decisions of late and we may need to slow down and rethink our position. Perhaps we’re letting our ego get in the way in our attempt to control others, thus interfering with our own process and ultimate happiness.

From my perspective, an eclipse is a moment outside of time, similar to the energetic in-between between physical and nonphysical form. It gave many of us the opportunity to come together as one, even if only for a short time to appreciate something truly amazing! In that moment of totality where the Moon stands in her own power before the Sun, we awaken to that fundamental truth that we are one unified presence. We all experienced that unity today whether we were in the path of totality or not. There were no ugly racist words, no violence, only silence followed by cheers as we shared this beautiful experience together.

The transformative nature of love makes all things are possible, softening even the hardest of hearts. It’s been a difficult week. A young woman, beautiful and vibrant, has died at the hands of racist hate. Ten sailors are still missing from an accident near Singapore. Emotions are at an all-time high and this eclipse gives us all a chance to pause and reflect on who we really want to be.

In totality takes on a new meaning when it calls us back to our fundamental unity with all. And I’m so blessed that I was able to share it with all of you!

Blessings to our one family!

Originally published at on August 21, 2017.



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