In The Crone Aspect of the Full Flower Moon ~ A Bindrune for Protection

Now that we’re in the Crone aspect of the Full Flower Moon, it’s time to get to work influencing the current attack on women’s rights, reproductive or otherwise. We also currently have a guy in the Oval Office who believes abusers. He says he didn’t do it. So I take him at his word. Never mind the pictures. Never mind the police reports. He believes the assholes and takes them at their word. He also mentioned on the campaign trail in an interview with Chris Matthews that he believes that women who obtain legal abortions should face some sort of punishment. Not the guy who impregnated her, but the woman herself. Wouldn’t elaborate on what that should be, but insisted that women should be punished for obtaining a medical procedure that is legal.

For my part in this process, I am creating a bindrune to both gather energies of protection together and to bind the oppressive behavior of those who would disrespect women in this way. But we don’t want to simply protect and prevent oppression, we want to establish the framework for change as well, a rebalancing if you will of energies that have for so long been entirely out of balance. As always, I set my intention, in this case, to protect women from oppression, and allow the runes to determine the bindrune. I drew five runes from my rune bag and here are the runes:

The first rune I drew was Wunjo, shown in the picture above, the P shaped rune at the top of the group of runes encircling the bindrune. Moving deocil (clockwise), Dagaz appears next followed by Fehu, Hagalaz, and finally Mannaz. Let’s look at each rune’s definition to see how well they do in the bindrune.

Wunjo, as the eighth rune of the Elder Futhark, describes joy and fellowship with others and establishes quite well the goal of the bindrune itself. A powerful rune of Elemental Earth, Wunjo brings harmony and contentment as well as fostering empathy toward others. It also invokes peace and fulfillment. Visually, we have Kenaz reversed facing Isa suggesting clarity turned inward, the Higher Self informing our decisions and internal process.

Next, Dagaz expresses the balance between opposites or between polarities. It represents the center between dark and light, between one cycle ending and another beginning. We stand at the precipice of change in Dagaz as a new day dawns when it appears. Here we complete the balanced energy exchange of Gebo and if turned upright, represents as above so below energy exchange. As the twenty-third rune of the Futhark, a five energy, Dagaz also represents change and if we pay attention to its message awakens the collective consciousness in all.

Fehu, the first rune in the Elder Futhark, represents cattle or wealth. Also considered the sending rune, Fehu invokes. It increases the positive effect of other runes and focuses the energy of the bindrune, advancing the intention to achieve its outcome. And considering the reason for the bindrune, we need all the power we can muster.

Considered the witch rune, Hagalaz appears next and provides the structure for change. Witches may have the reputation for destruction, but I assure you, it’s rare that we invoke change without an established framework of protection. Hagalaz provides that framework. Women want respect but they don’t want to experience that in a vacuum. In other words, we would like our friends, families, and partners there as we go forward. All we want is to make our own choices without men deciding what those choices should be. We want the same respect given to men. For whatever reason, we’ve lost that essential balance between the genders and women have been oppressed ever since. As the Norn rune governing the past, Hagalaz reestablishes the balanced polarity that has been broken, overcoming all obstacles in our path. As the ninth rune, Hagalaz blesses partnerships and protects against evil, creating the space for change that is both positive and sustainable.

Lastly, we have Mannaz, the rune of balanced partnerships and society. It fosters integration and harmony and represents the overall psychic or collective intuitive state. Humans intrinsically know that a balanced relationship with others works far better than does oppressive behavior. Mannaz increases rationality and visually incorporates Wunjo forward and reversed suggesting joy found in unity with others which brings the energy of the bindrune full circle.

I chose Dagaz as the center rune from which all others flow while Hagalaz provides the structure or framework for sustainable change. Mannaz is contained within the center as is Wunjo where all peace and harmony emerge. Fehu forward and reversed appears at the bottom, focusing the energy of the bindrune to the collective consciousness.

The bindrune is a gift to all who wish to find protection from oppression. You may copy it and carry it with you for personal use as a talisman of protection. It has been invoked but you’re welcome to invoke again, with your own special intention after redrawing it for yourself. I like to burn the bindrune onto a piece of wood, but it’s not necessary. It’s the energy of the symbol itself that contains the power. Draw it on anything you like, the entrance to your home, a piece of paper you carry with you, anything. It can be created as an amulet to wear if you like. Use it as protection or to cast the intention of balanced energy exchange with others.

The oppression of women has continued for hundreds if not thousands of years. It became old the first time it happened and it’s so far beyond the pale now that it feels as if it will never end. But I assure you, my sisters, it will end and we will be victorious over those who would keep us oppressed and unsafe.

Use the bindrune. Use all the magick you have to stand in your own power and say, NO MORE.

We will not be silenced. We will not surrender. We will rise up.

And We Will Survive!

Originally published at on May 19, 2019.



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