In Joyful Presence With All

and comprise today’s runecasting. Elemental influences are Earth and Water; absent are Fire and Air. Overall, the numerology is six or the sacred layer of Self, governing our emotions, communication, harmony, and balance. I crafted the runes I’m using from a black locust branch from a tree in my backyard. I craft most of my runes from various trees around my property unless I can pilfer potential runestock from my two boys’ homes. The younger one has a really nice cedar tree I’ve been looking at and during last winter’s excessive storms, I was able to abscond with some downed birch branches from my oldest son’s home. The youngest also has a ton of horsetail and hops growing which I gratefully take off his hands for teas and tinctures. He and his wife also gifted us two months ago with our new granddaughter.

Runes tell us where to place our focus. They can be used in divination in the same manner as Tarot cards and use similar spreads to look at what’s going on. A question can be posed or we can simply look at runic influences which are either affecting us or serve as a new direction of focus. The world, particularly now, is a volatile place and only becoming more so. Even our personal lives are affected by this volatility as people become more and more polarized. Anger and oppression drive interactions as those living in service to their own desires are rising up in their attempts at control while the rest who live in awareness of our greater unified presence watch in horror at the divisiveness and hate that’s causing so much heartache and concern.

All three runes today signify the direction we need to go in order that we manifest our unified presence instead of the self-centered nonsense we’re witnessing today. represents joy, change, partnership, and movement, and represents ancestry and our Akash. In the same manner as the Major Arcana, all runes are spiritual archetypes or components in our progressive journey through form and remind us of our unified presence with the All and with each other.

begins the runecasting as the eighth rune of the Elder Futhark governing our relationships with others. Considered the Wish rune, powerful signifies joy and fellowship with others and the sense of . Contentment, success, and relationships with like-minded people are among the influences felt with this Earth rune.

Continuing this same influence of partnership, represents safe travel and partnership. The rune of the horse and its rider, working in harmony with others is favored. Additionally, signifies our etheric body, so soul travel or journeying is also present in this rune. A Water element rune, swift or abrupt changes are felt with and when it appears in a runecasting we’re either experiencing such or it’s something we may need to consider. The nineteenth rune of the Elder Futhark, its numerology is one or new beginnings, reinforces that change.

The rune of sacred space, signifies possessions, protection, and our ancestral heritage. Said to contain all of the runes within its structure, invokes Earth energies fostering balanced energy exchange between self and others. A positive rune with a numerology of six, brings prosperity and security and the unified presence with All.

In spite of those who wish to control to the point of tearing everything apart, our focus should ever be on manifesting our unified presence of harmony and love. The pull to that negative focus is strong amongst those given to that choice and their effect on the rest is both oppressive and destructive. The runes are counseling us to stay in our highest joy and seek partnerships with others doing the same. Those on a negative trajectory will continue on that same path while we move around them preferring our own soul’s journey.

The runecasting illustrates the choice to live in awareness of our greater unified presence with All or something that serves only our ego. We move in joyful presence, in harmony and partnership, aware of our fundamental unity with each other. Service to others is willingly embraced and lovingly given with the understanding that we accomplish far more together than we do when conflict and control are present.

The collective consciousness is ascending to a higher density of form, one of love and understanding. Those full of ego may have a more difficult time of it as the truth of their choice is laid bare before their eyes. Staying firmly in the sacred layer of Self, believing in and manifesting our unified presence moves us swiftly into awakening and enlightenment.



Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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Jan Erickson

Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…