Humanity’s Greatest Strength ~ Tarot for 7 April 2017

Jan Erickson
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More patterns emerge with the numerology of today’s tarot reading in that I can find 9 in three places in the reading. The initial three influences reduce to 9; the hidden influence and outcome cards do as well; and, the overall numerology also reduces to 9. A sense of completion is felt with 9 involving humanitarianism and a sensitivity to the needs of others, prescient given what’s now occurring in the world.

Pentagrams and Wands, Earth and Fire respectively, along with three cards from the Major Arcana are influencing today with archetypal messages coming through the loudest. Beginning with the 10 of Pentacles, a sense of wealth and prosperity is felt as a loving grandfather visits with his two grandchildren while a dog sits adoringly at his feet. Their parents stand together in the background, smiling and happy. Blessings found in family and community provide a legacy like no other.

Swift movement is felt in the 8 of Wands as eight flamed-tipped spears rain down upon the earth. A crystal radiates light in all directions while planets hang heavy in the sky. Expansive action is occurring, both direct and swift. Much is at stake with this decision to strike, the consequences of this action high.

Since the remainder of the cards is from the Major Arcana, it might be well worth the effort to stop and interpret the initial two cards. An established legacy is threatened by swift action with many consequences in store should it be the incorrect response. Have decisions been made too quickly without consideration of the effect upon others, innocent and unable to defend themselves?

Illusion and deception are in play when The Moon appears. Two dogs howl at the full moon as she rises in the night sky. Also appearing on the 10 of Pentacles, dogs represent loyalty, honesty, and faith. Two stone pillars rise above either side of a pathway between the hills in the distance and the water below. Two can indicate decisions or choices that need making, the height of the pillars signifying the need for diplomacy over swift action, a middle ground possible in lieu of a more either/or perspective. Concentric circles move outward, disturbed by the lobster as it emerges at water’s edge suggesting rebirth, protection, and the cyclical nature of life.

The Sun follows The Moon in the Major Arcana and appears in the position of hidden influence. Together their overall numerology is 1 or new beginnings and speaks to humanity’s awakening. A young boy sits atop a white pony holding a flowing red flag, the sun shining brightly in the sky. Sunflowers peek over the top of a stone wall reminding us to extend love and light to all.

Strength appears in the outcome position illustrating a smiling woman with flowers in her hair lovingly petting a lion at her side. More flowers appear on her lap and in the lion’s coat as this card expresses Strength found in the balance between our wild and civilized nature. Strength expresses the power of the Goddess within each one of us to align in Unified Presence with all.

It’s certainly not easy to watch as children are attacked with chemical weapons. It creates a visceral response and swift action can be appropriate. But sometimes swift action creates unintended consequences. And is a violent response the only answer available?

When certain cards dominate a reading, it’s a message to sit up and take notice. Majors represent soul archetypes and exist to keep us on track and to understand our true nature. With three appearing today just after a military response over the chemical attack on civilians in Syria, some caution might be in order.

The Moon suggests there’s more going on here than we realize. Something is being hidden from view and we’re to look further to know the real truth. A new beginning is possible born from clarity found within. Our Strength comes from the awareness of our Unified Presence and the choice to see all through that lens.

Distractions abound with this new regime. If I hadn’t drawn The Moon, I might have thought this reading was in support of yesterday’s military strike, a protection of family and legacy. But now I have to wonder if we have the full picture because reports today suggest that this strike was symbolic and not meant to really change the dynamic at all. And then there’s the fact that it happened without Congressional approval.

This feels contrived and I believe the cards from the Major Arcana are suggesting that we take a deeper look at what occurred. Was this strike truly based on a humanitarian perspective? Or was it the beginnings of something else more destructive? A decerning eye is needed now, one that looks dispassionately at the situation allowing inner guidance to inform our view. Did this help the people of Syria, or simply provide a springboard for more of the same from the new guy who professed on the campaign trail that he loves war.

Our greatest strength is found in Unified Presence with all. I have no clue where the Tomahawks fit in with that. And the new guy? It’s just sad he’s the one making these decisions given his breathtakingly ignorant view of the world.


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