Human Design Transits for April 21–27, 2019

I had so much fun writing up the Human Design transits for the day the Mueller Report came out that I decided to begin a weekly series on Transits. My intention is to have the posts come out on Sundays. It’s nice because other than the Moon which transits through the gates daily, the other planetary bodies appear in two gates, at least this week, with only the lines changing. For this initial post, I’m including a table that shows the gate and line changes with the outer planets italicized that remain the same throughout the week. Outer planets take much longer to move throughout the zodiac than do the inner planets and the table reflects that. But a closer look at the table illustrates how often the gates and lines change.

Although the planetary bodies moving through the zodiac have an influence, it’s the various gates and lines that comprise the hexagrams or guas from the I Ching that provide the primary influences of the chart, or bodygram as it’s called in Human Design. Looking at the Rave Mandela below, you can see the numbered gates that surround the Mandela with the small lines between each one signifying the six lines of the hexagram. Each line is either solid (yang/advance/increase/masculine) or broken (yin/retreat/decrease/feminine) Lines 1 through 3 describe the inner aspects of self, while lines 4 through 6 describe external aspects of self.

The above chart is for reference to illustrate the gates and their respective lines. However, for the weekly transit information, I’ll include only the Personality or black-lined side of the bodygram and I’ll group the sections by planetary body as we take a look at the Sun (will), the Moon (emotions), and anything else that looks interesting. I’ll also include information of the Transit Crosses as they change in the Sun’s section.

The Sun

  • 4/21: 0 Tau 36; Gate 3 Line 5 Victimization supports the ability to rise above chaos with the courage of our convictions even without the understanding or approval of others. Transit cross: Left Angle Cross of Wishes (3/50 | 41/31) — the energy to transcend traditional values.
  • 4/22: 1 Tau 20; Gate 3 Line 6 brings Surrender and futility into focus requiring an awareness of the larger picture and the grace for acceptance.
  • 4/23: 2 Tau 33; Gate 27 Line 1 Selfishness describes the ability to care for self before others when appropriate. Transit cross: Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected (27/28 | 41/31) — the energy to rise to the occasion for a humanitarian purpose.
  • 4/24: 3 Tau 32; Gate 27 Line 2 Self-Sufficiency describing the Mother within or the strength for nurturing others.
  • 4/25: 4 Tau 30; Gate 27 Line 3 Greed suggests the need to have more of everything.
  • 4/26: 5 Tau 29; Gate 27 Line 4 Generosity indicates that we’ve resolved the greed within and now are ready to extend abundance and generosity to others.
  • 4/27: 6 Tau 27; Gate 27 Line 5 The Executor gives us the leadership skills to execute a fair distribution of resources, duties, etc. Transit Cross: Left Angle Cross of Alignment (27/28 | 19/33) — fostering an ability to give direction when the unexpected occurs.

The Moon

  • 4/21: 20 Sco 50; Gate 43 Breakthrough Line 3 Expediency suggests that we may be overly sensitive today and may feel less inclined to assert ourselves when experiencing disapproval or condemnation. The Left Angle Cross of Wishes should help reinforce self-assertion.
  • 4/22: 4 Sag 31; Gate 34 The Power of the Great Line 5 Annihilation indicates a difficulty with relinquishing power and dropping resistance.
  • 4/23: 17 Sag 46; Gate 26 The Taming Power of the Great Line 1 A Bird in the Hand resolves yesterday’s difficulty with allowing with the desire to support the tribe, family, or group. Today, our dreams are in focus.
  • 4/24: 0 Cap 36; Gate 10 Treading Line 3 The Martyr cautions us against behaving like a martyr. There are more appropriate ways to gain attention.
  • 4/25: 13 Cap 5; Gate 38 Opposition Line 4 Investigation describes the integrity to embrace opposing views for a greater purpose during difficult moments. The Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected reinforces.
  • 4/26: 25 Cap 15; Gate 61 Inner Truth Line 5 Influence describes the profound need to understand universal truth and the potential to have a generational influence.
  • 4/27: 7 Aqu 13; Gate 41 Decrease Line 6 Contagion suggesting a humanitarian focus where preserving our own success becomes a legacy for others.

Active Channels

Interactions are as much a part of Human Design bodygrams as they are in astrological charts. In this case, instead of traditional aspects, Human Design looks at Channels and Incarnation Crosses. Channels connect two Gates together creating an energetic interaction inherent in the individual or between individuals if comparing two bodygrams such as in a relationship comparison. The active channels for the week appear below:

  • 4/21–24: Channel of Acceptance (17–62) with Gate 17 activated by Personality Mercury at Line 2 and Gate 62 activated by Personality North Node at Line 1; describes an individual with strong organizational skills as well as the ability to present information to others.
  • 4/21–22: Channel of Preservation (27–50) with Gate 50 activated by Personality Earth at Line 5 and Gate 27 activated by Personality Uranus at Line 1; suggest the energy of nurturing others with preservation as its outcome.
  • 4/25: Channel of Struggle (28–38) with Gate 28 activated by Personality Earth at Line 3 and Gate 38 activated by Personality Moon at Line 4; suggesting the energy to go it alone, to stand in your own power, to walk your own path.
  • 4/27: Channel of Money (45–21) with Gate 45 activated by Personality Mars at Line 1 and Gate 21 activated by Personality Mercury at Line 5; indicates the energy for leadership and earning money while understanding that success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The leadership potential involved with this channel is reinforced by the choice to delegate to others. This Channel is reinforced by the Left Angle Cross of Alignment, also appearing today.

The Incarnation Cross is found by finding the Gates for both the Sun and the Earth in the Design (unconscious) and Personality (conscious) columns on the bodygram and it represents around 70% of our personality. The name changes when looking at transits to a Transit Cross, but it’s essentially the same thing as our overall Incarnation Cross from our natal bodygram, only it changes every few days and provides additional influence.

So, from a Transit Cross perspective, for the coming week, we should easily transcend traditional structure while pursuing a humanitarian focus, providing leadership where required. Allow Spirit to inform, stay centered, and create a positive experience.

I have to say that I’m really looking forward to next week! The format may be in flux for a bit until I’m comfortable with how it looks, but I think looking at the Sun, the Moon, the channels, and the transit crosses gives an overall look at the esoteric influences for the coming week. If any of the other planets seem interesting or stand out in some way, I’ll include them as well. But I think you can see from the table, that for the most part, the planetary bodies appear to remain in the various gates for several days with only the lines changing. So, although with Gate 27 there is Nourishment, ultimately we see subtle changes each day that bring a different focus to that overall notion.

See you all next week!

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on April 21, 2019.

Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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Jan Erickson

Jan Erickson

Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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