Geomantic Divination for May 2018

Those of the magickal persuasion occasionally call on spirits of whatever ilk to assist in magickal workings, particularly divination. Seven planets influence the sixteen geomantic patterns or figures reflecting the Chaldean order of planets in geomancy divination. Since I like sigil magick, when performing a geomancy divination, I look at what each spirit governs and then choose that corresponding sigil as a focus. For today’s divination concerning what May might bring, I chose Sorath, which corresponds with the Sun, growth, and the geomantic patterns Fortuna Major and Fortuna Minor. I chose that spirit for a successful beginning to the Spring and Summer months. Sorath also signifies physical works, personal power, and bringing balance to situations. So we’ll see what the patterns have to say.

Four times the sticks are thrown and placed into their elemental order to create each geomantic pattern or figure. The remainder of the chart is created from those first four patterns. The first twelve patterns can be placed in the twelve houses of the zodiac and interpreted from that perspective in addition to looking at the Witnesses and the Judge, the final three patterns created. In a sense, geomancy involves the same type of reduction found in numerology, although not entirely. It’s binary in that we’re looking at one and two dots and then combining them with an odd number resulting in one dot and an even number resulting in two dots. A single dot represents energy which is active while two dots represent energy which is passive so you can get an initial idea of how the energy of each pattern invokes. Via, for example, which is a series of four single dots, indicates proactive energy and given that it represents street or way, it’s positive for upcoming journeys. Whereas, Populus, it’s counterpart, consists of four sets of two dots suggesting energy which is passive or receptive which makes sense given that Populus reflects the mood of the room, so to speak.

The first four patterns were Albus, Puella, Fortuna Minor, and Albus and it’s from these four patterns the rest of the chart is created. The first four are considered the Mothers, the second four the Daughters, the third set of four are considered as the Nephews, Nieces, or Resultants, with the final three the Left and Right Witnesses and the Judge. The Witnesses typically signify the Querent or the past (Right) as well as the Question itself or the future (Left). Overall, the outcome for the Month looks positive, but it doesn’t seem to be overly so, or maybe it’s a steady improvement that we’ll experience. In any event, let’s look at the patterns to see what they tell us.

  1. Albus ~ Mercury in Gemini, Air, white, sage, wisdom, clarity, positive
  2. Puella ~ Venus in Libra, Air, a young girl, harmony, pleasant attitude, not as fortunate
  3. Fortuna Minor ~ Sun in Leo, Fire, minor fortune, success that may be fleeting or unstable
  4. Albus ~ Mercury in Gemini, Air, white, sage, wisdom, clarity, positive
  5. Conjunctio ~ Mercury in Virgo, Earth, union, joining, coming together, reflects its surroundings
  6. Albus ~ Mercury in Gemini, Air, white, sage, wisdom, clarity, positive
  7. Puer ~ Mars in Aries, Fire, young boy, impulsive, passionate, basically good
  8. Acquisitio — Jupiter in Sagittarius, Fire, gain, directed goals, profit, success
  9. Carcer ~ Saturn in Capricorn, Earth, restriction, prison, fate, surrounding patterns influence
  10. Cauda Draconis ~ South Moon Node, self-destruction, corruption, letting go, a dangerous outcome
  11. Rubeus ~ Mars in Scorpio, Water, fiery temper, passion, eroticism, aggression, power, evil
  12. Laetitia ~ Jupiter in Pisces, Water, good fortune, joy, happiness
  • Right Witness ~ Caput Draconis ~ North Moon Node, good influence, gain, new beginnings, positive change
  • Left Witness ~ Fortuna Minor ~ Sun in Leo, Fire, minor fortune, success that may be fleeting or unstable
  • Judge ~ Puella ~ Venus in Libra, Air, a young girl, pleasant attitude, not as fortunate

If we look at the Right Witness as the past, or in the case of a specific period, it can be viewed as the beginning influence and we see that Caput Draconis is a positive influence for change. Moving to the Left Witness, Fortuna Minor brings success but maybe not as much as Fortuna Major would have brought. If we’re looking at gardening during May, for example, this could mean that we might be dealing with some frost during the month. While the garden overall will be successful, there might be some bumps in the road so we might want to pay attention and rely on our inner voice and taking a walk outside more than the weather report. Albus begins and ends the Mother’s section and describes wisdom born from experience. Albus, as the fourth Mother, reinforces the use of inner wisdom this month and can be viewed as initial peek into the final outcome.

Looking at the influence of the Houses, the querent, me in this case, is represented by Albus in the 1st House and given my silver hair it seems apropos. The 2nd House deals with money and possessions, and Puella suggests that while we might not experience a loss per se, we’re not necessarily bringing in a fortune this month, surely due to the upcoming and some would say excessive garden shop visits. Not that you’d hear that from me. Fortuna Minor in the 3rd House suggests that communication will be positive, but that some rumors could start.

Albus appears again in the 4th House suggesting that wisdom will win out which is nice while Conjunctio in the 5th House governing children, gatherings, and say it with me now…the garden. So if I don’t get carried away and plant the more tender crops too early, I should be fine. Also, Mother’s Day is in May and maybe my kids will come for a visit and with Albus in the 6th House, it appears that everyone will be healthy.

Passion and impulsiveness will be influencing with Puer in the 7th House so interactions may be tactless and annoying if ill-dignified. But this could also indicate innovation and an opportunity for partners to work in harmony together. Gain is possible with Acquisitio in the 8th House of pain, anxiety, and death which may seem odd unless receiving an inheritance is involved, unless it’s suggesting that we move past pain and anxiety that we might have been experiencing.

The 9th, 10th, and 11th Houses have decidedly negative influences so I wanted to look at them together. Carcer imposes restrictions and in the 9th House, it may negatively affect an upcoming vacation or long journey. Additionally, science and religion are part of the 9th House and we could feel restricted or blocked with something related to that. The 10th House involves mothers, authority, and our position in society and with Cauda Draconis in that House, our social position may be threatened. Rubeus can indicate violent passion in its worst expression given Scorpio’s tendency toward secret violence and manipulation and in the 11th House, interactions between friends and family may be difficult at times during the month. So if a long journey is planned, things may not go as smoothly as it could if conflict or manipulation occurs.

Finally, the joy and happiness found in Laetitia offsets somewhat the 12th House of sorrow, fear, and restrictions. So while there may be some dicey moments overall, the month of May looks positive. Looking at the first line of the Judge, it’s a single dot. If we follow that single point upwards until no more exist, the path moves from Puella to Fortuna Minor, to Laetitia, to finally reach Puer where we discover the root of the problem or situation. Apparently, a lack of common sense or impulsivity may be our biggest challenge this month.

As with any divination, these influences can be what we manifest ourselves or experience from others or a combination of both. Trust me. The safest place is in the garden. Particularly since paper wasps have invaded my greenhouse.


Originally published at on April 26, 2018.



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