Geomancy for September 2018

Summer is just about over and fall is in the air and with a new month comes a new geomancy divination. For this month, I’m going to look at existing patterns instead of looking at the geomantic symbols in their various astrological Houses although I may use the House position if it seems informational. The geomancy tablet is read from right to left beginning in the upper right-hand corner and begins with Laetitia which appears three times on the tablet as does Populus. Via appears twice as does Rubeus and Albus. Amissio, Carcer, and Puella each appear once in the tablet. I threw the sticks four times to create the first four symbols and then used those initial symbols to create the remainder of the tablet. The first twelve symbols can also be placed in a geomantic astrological chart with the final three considered the Right and Left Witnesses along with the Judge representing the final outcome. Both the tablet and the astrological chart appear below.

Since some patterns exist, I’d like to look at how each one relates within each pattern so I’ll also be looking at what’s referred to as triplicities. Two symbols, Laetitia and Populus occur three times on the tablet. Laetitia indicates joy and good health and Populus suggests a group or crowd. Populus has a neutral or passive influence so it tends to reflect the group or situation so it may indicate a joyful interaction with others during the month perhaps over health matters.

The counterpart to Populus, Via, appears twice on the tablet suggesting a more proactive influence than Populus. Via indicates travel or journey and its influence is Elemental Water but as with Populus, its influence reflects the situation and change that is steady. Rubeus and Albus both appear twice and reflect passion and wisdom respectively and seem to be in balance so we may find that our will is tempered with some clarity which is always a good thing. Albus also appears as the Right Witness representing past influences which may suggest that our decisions will be based on wisdom, or it could be that something has shifted away from wisdom but we won’t know that until we look at Puella.

Amissio, appearing once, indicates that we may experience some loss of some kind this month, but it may not be a negative thing. Sometimes a loss can simply mean that something is ending. Puella appears as the Left Witness representing the future and indicates passion, but one that’s somewhat ambivalent. Looking at Puella in relation to Albus, although there may be some wisdom at our disposal, we may experience some hesitation or fickleness in making decisions. Carcer, in the outcome or Judge position, can indicate prison, but it can also indicate that a goal has been attained. So we may experience the end of something this month or perhaps something is coming to its natural conclusion.

But with Laetitia and Populus as the greatest influences this month, our primary focus may be to extend joy and love to others.

Additionally, we can look at what John Michael Greer in The Art and Practice of Geomancy: Divination, Magic, and Earth Wisdom of the Renaissance refers to as triplicities. The geomancy tablet can be viewed as a series of Right and Left Witnesses and Judges. For example, the first triplicity involves Laetitia (RW), Amissio (LW), and Albus (Judge) and suggests some joy followed by loss followed by wisdom gained from the experience.

The second triplicity involves Laetitia as both witnesses with Populus as the Judge or outcome suggesting the joy found in group settings and the positive interaction that can result. Via and Populus again appear in the third triplicity as Right and Left Witnesses, suggesting an active pursuit of a new direction possibly involving others with Via appearing again as the Judge or outcome of that new direction.

The fourth triplicity has Rubeus as the Right Witness indicating passion, sometimes with evil intent. As the Left Witness, Populus appears suggesting that we might be given this month to reflecting the passions of others. With Rubeus appearing again as the Judge or outcome, we should be mindful of how passion influences us, either generated from self or others.

Now, regarding some astrological patterns, we can look at the geomantic House chart above and easily see a pattern with Laetitia in the 1st, 4th, and 7th Houses with Amissio in the 10th. Joy dominates with loss of some kind. However, this could also reinforce the idea from the geomantic tablet that this could surround joy over improvement in health, our own or someone else’s this month. With Rubeus in both the 6th and 8th Houses, we’re might be looking at our will may affect familial interactions, but it could also indicate the will to improve one’s health or communication with others.

Overall, September looks positive, bringing influences of good health and positive interaction with others, possibly family. Given that family is a typical trigger for many people, the presence of Rubeus reminds us that although passion can be a positive influence, it can also start arguments and the presence of both Populus and Via should alert us to the need to allow more than to react. Both geomancy symbols tend to reflect our surroundings so if interactions heat up, it’s a signal to step back and allow the passion to subside before continuing the interaction.

Carcer is an interesting geomancy symbol and I wanted to talk a little about it before I close. Typically, it means prison or confinement of some kind and can be viewed as evil. But it can also mean an end to something that’s occurring in our lives. And in this geomantic reading, I believe that’s what it’s referring to. So the joy we experience this month may be a result of a difficult period coming to an end, perhaps with our health, family members or close friendships. It could also involve a difficult work situation that may be resolving but it feels more personal that than so I’m going with a health or family feeling here.

I really like geomancy as a divination tool, especially the patterns that result. I’ve been trying to find a methodology that I’m comfortable using and I think I might be close. Since I like looking at patterns, I think I’ll look at them again next month rather than individual symbols.

Have a joyful month!



  1. Greer, John Michael, and DuQuette, Lon Milo (Forward) The Art and Practice of Geomancy: Divination, Magic, and Earth Wisdom of the Renaissance. Weiser Books. 2009.

Originally published at on September 4, 2018.

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Jan Erickson

Jan Erickson

Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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