Geomancy for October 2018

Now that the tarot reading is up on the blog I can turn my attention to the geomancy reading for October. I’m going to look at the shield chart in weekly sections that I’ve numbered one through four with the outcome or overall view section below allowing three symbols to influence each section. Because the Sun was in Libra on the first day of October, I’ve included both Kedemel (Venus) and Sorath (Sun) as influencing Spirits for the reading and their sigils appear in the outcome section. I’ve also included the element governing each geomantic symbol. Overall, the elements are in balance with Water slightly less of an influence; however, each week depicts its own elemental balance.

The shield chart is read from right to left, so I’ll begin with week one consisting of Tristitia, Carcer, and Laetitia. Air, Earth, and Water are influencing and a sense of counterbalance is immediately felt with Tristitia and Laetitia, two geomantic symbols that are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Tristitia involves sorrow while Laetitia depicts joy and good fortune. Air versus Water, intellect versus emotion, the contraction of Saturn versus the expansion of Jupiter. And in the center is Carcer, another symbol influenced by Saturn suggesting imprisonment and isolation. It can also indicate something obtained so it could also mean a resolution of sorts, perhaps surrounding balancing our thoughts with our emotions.

Fire, Air, and Earth are influencing during the second week of October with the influences from Acquisitio, Caput Draconis, and Albus suggesting a week of gain, new beginnings, and wisdom. This week should bring opportunities for growth and success stemming from the beginning of new ideas or projects. We may see a positive outcome from past action as well this week. If this week is building on week one, the positive outcome may be made possible by the balance achieved during the first week of the month.

Rubeus, Fortuna Major, and Caput Draconis comprise the geomantic influences for week three. Water, Fire, and Earth are influencing and we have some Mars energy this week that may contribute to some success although we should be mindful to keep our passion in balance. With Caput Draconis appearing again, positive new experiences may be unfolding. Although Rubeus can suggest a fiery temper, during this week, it may be used as an energetic catalyst. The wisdom of Albus from week two actually balances Rubeus and may keep its influence focused and useful.

Week four is comprised of Fortuna Major, Via, and Fortuna Minor and the energetic influence of Fire and Water. We end the month with two geomantic symbols canceling out each one’s influence over gain and success with a neutral influence as a balance perhaps. Fortuna Major and Minor can be viewed as stable and unstable success along with inner and outer strength. Via is a proactive influence that reflects whatever is happening around it, so in this case, it acts as the still point or balance point between inner and outer strength as it applies to a successful outcome.

The bottom portion of the shield chart contains the Right and Left Witnesses along with the Judge or outcome of the reading. The Right and Left Witnesses can be viewed as the past and future respectively or the questioner and the question asked, or as anything else the reader might use them for. Amissio is in the position of Right Witness and if interpreted as the past, it suggests that we’ve experienced some loss. Puella, in the position of the future, suggests a sense of harmony but one that might still be unstable.

Tristitia begins and ends October’s geomancy reading and in the position of Judge, suggests sorrow, grief, and condemnation indicating that although we may be the better for it in the long run, any realization this month may still result in some sorrow. Change is difficult, particularly if we’ve been sold a bill of goods or otherwise deceived in some manner. Learning the truth may ultimately put us in a better position, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause pain along the way.

The end of the matter is found in the 4th position on the geomantic shield and in this reading that symbol is Caput Draconis. The Head of the Dragon, Caput Draconis symbolizes the North Node of the Moon, both the inner threshold and the upper kingdom. It promises new beginnings and positive change which suggests that although we begin and end in sorrow, there’s light beyond the pain. Harmony is possible even if a little unstable in the beginning.

Anyway…something to think about…

Blessed Be

Originally published at on October 2, 2018.



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Jan Erickson

Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…