Geomancy for May 2019

Jan Erickson
4 min readMay 1, 2019

It’s said in every single geomancy text I’ve read that if Carcer begins a reading to stop immediately and end the reading. The same is true for Rubeus and Cauda Draconis, however, I’m not as reactionary and I’m going to proceed anyway. And after completing the entire shield chart, I see no reason not to begin the reading with Carcer. But then witches are fearless. I’ll ultimately divide the upper two rows into four sections, one for each week, but beginning in the upper right box and moving right to left, below is the shield chart breakdown:

  1. Carcer — imprisonment, evil
  2. Carcer — imprisonment, evil
  3. Laetitia — joy, gladness
  4. Fortuna Minor — lesser fortune
  5. Via — way, route, direction, journey, individual behavior, active influence
  6. Tristitia — sadness, grief, evil
  7. Populus — group behavior, follower, passive influence
  8. Fortuna Minor — lesser fortune
  9. Populus — group behavior, follower, passive influence
  10. Rubeus — passion, evil
  11. Cauda Draconis — end of the matter, evil, exit, termination
  12. Fortuna Minor — lesser fortune
  13. Rubeus — passion, evil
  14. Albus — wisdom, sage
  15. Conjunctio — joining, union, reflects surroundings

Honestly, perspective matters here and if we were to react to the above list, we might want to do exactly what other geomancers have said: end the reading. But that’s only if we begin in form and not in Spirit. I say, given that we are in fact Spirit manifested into form, we can choose what we create. So, we either spend the next month imprisoning ourselves or we reject such nonsense and invoke the wisdom of Albus and walk a spiritual path. But let’s get into this and see where each week takes us, or if we possess the wisdom to control the outcome.

Week One

Carcer appears twice in week one with Populus rounding out the week’s geomantic influences. The passive influence of Populus reinforces any self-imprisonment we might experience so unless it makes sense to restrict our influence this week, take a step back and be certain. Perhaps outside influences may be impacting here so know your enemy. If it’s the self, we have all the power necessary to make a different choice. If it’s outside influences, a savvy approach may be necessary.

Week Two

Laetitia, Fortuna Minor, and Rubeus comprise week two’s geomantic influences. Although Rubeus can be an evil influence, it also involves passion which can help foster the joy found in Laetitia and possibly lead to a lesser level of fortune this week. Given Taurus’s influence with Fortuna Minor and Laetitia, practical matters involving finances and other aspects of security factor into the joy and fortune elements of both geomantic symbols.

Week Three

We begin week three with influences from Via, Tristitia, and Cauda Draconis. A difficult path this week, perhaps, or the end of one? The presence of Via suggests a solitary path or journey and given its active principle, indicates a choice that we’re making to let go of what no longer serves and move in a new direction. Trisititia involves sadness and grief which may be the motivator for our choice or it simply indicates a choice to leave sadness and grief behind.

Week Four

Fortuna Minor appears again this week, twice, along with the passive influence of Populus suggesting that an increase of some kind is possible this week and we might not have to do much to receive it. However, the increase might not be monetary but in the positive influence found in group interaction. Fortune can be measured in many ways and the solitary direction experienced with Via in week three may ultimately include a group effort of some kind.

The Witnesses and The Judge

Rubeus and Albus are at odds as the Right and Left Witnesses suggesting a conflict between wisdom and passion although perspective is needed here. The passion felt with Rubeus may actually provide the impetus necessary to move in a new and wiser direction. Conjuctio sits in the Judge position suggesting union with others, however, this geomantic symbol reflects its surroundings, much in the same manner as Populus. However, its energy is less passive and involves choice. Either we align with evil, or we align with Spirit.

We began in self-imprisonment and we end in alignment…with something. However, it’s clear that whatever the outcome, the choice will be ours to make.

Do we follow, or do we lead?

See you all next month!

Blessings to all!

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