Geomancy for February 2019

It’s time again for our monthly geomancy reading, this time for February 2019. I’ll be looking at the upper two sections as weekly influences beginning with the upper right geomancy symbol. Moon influences begin and end the chart, so I’ve chosen the Intelligence for the Moon (aka Intelligence of the Intelligences), Malcha betharsisim he’d berth schehalim as the focus because of its alignment with both Via and Populus, the geomantic symbols associated with the Moon. The chart details follow:

  • Elements ~ all elements are essentially in balance: Fire (4), Air (4), Water (4), Earth (3)
  1. Via — Water, Moon/Leo, way, path, journey, active presence

In looking at the shield chart, four groupings are easily identified using the first two levels leaving the third section for overall outcomes. As always, we begin at the upper right symbol and move from right to left for each level. So, week one contains symbols 1, 2 and 9, week two symbols 3, 4, and 10 and so forth. The numbered listing above can be used as a reference.

Week One

We begin February with Via, Cauda Draconis, and Tristitia influencing. Via suggests a new path or journey, with Cauda Draconis suggesting an end to sadness felt from Tristitia. Perhaps we’ve been experiencing difficulty or sadness in our lives and now that may be coming to an end. This may apply to the shutdown that just ended.

Week Two

Puella, Fortuna Minor and Caput Draconis influence the second week of February suggesting we may experience some success of a minor or temporary nature this week. Unlike Cauda Draconis, Caput suggests new beginnings so perhaps we’re building on last week’s momentum. Difficulties end followed by a more positive outcome. In the fourth position on the shield chart, Fortuna Minor suggests the overall outcome of the month as well but we’ll see if the symbols in the lowest level agree.

Week Three

Via appears again in this week suggesting more active energy is available. Puer appears as well, however, its influence is unstable and lacks impulse control. Fortunately, Albus appears, full of wisdom and restraint to help balance Puer’s unpredictable energy. This may be the week where a second shutdown can occur, so with luck, wisdom may prevail, but clearly, there may be a conflict this week between the childish and the wise.

Week Four

This week is concerning. Cauda Draconis, Amissio, and Rubeus create some tension this week involving endings, loss, and passion. Depending upon the outcome of week three, the guy in the White House may be calling a state of emergency to get what he wants. If so, the loss felt with Amissio may involve another shutdown or a court battle over whether or not a state of emergency even exists. Passions may run high if Rubeus exerts a strong influence this week, and the ending desired may not occur. Time will tell who wins this one. With Rubeus considered an evil influence, it’s anyone’s guess. On the other hand, with Cauda’s influence of endings, it may also indicate the end of such nonsense.

Overall Outlook

Conjunctio appears twice in the lowest level of the shield chart, as both past and future influences. This is the geomantic symbol for joining together and reflects good with good and evil with evil. Conjunctio unites and reunites and like Via and Populus, reflects its surroundings. With Populus in the final position of the shield chart, its passive influence is reflected in its go with the flow attitude, irrespective of what’s at its core. If that happens to be positive, then we’ll see an overall positive outcome to the month. If not, then time will tell just how much more nonsense we’ll be dealing with. We may have a good indication depending upon how week four turns out.

It’s as if we’re still in shock over the antics of the guy in the White House that caused so much damage to people in our country. We might be hesitant to trust that the nightmare is truly over which it may in fact not be, particularly as more threats of another shutdown continue. But with Fortuna Minor in the fourth position of the shield chart indicating the end of the matter suggesting a positive outcome, even if temporary, it may be enough to build on.

With Moon energies surrounding the reading, influencing both the beginning and end of the chart, I guess we’ll have to hang in there a while longer. The active presence of the Moon in Leo followed by the passive presence of the Moon in Cancer, our will interacting with emotions, may ultimately tell the story.

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on February 1, 2019.

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