Geomancy for August 2018

Henry Cornelius Agrippa was both a physician and a scholar and had an interest in the occult. He was born on 14 September 1486 and died at the age of 48 on 18 February 1535. His interest in the occult took various directions, but one direction was in the form of geomantic divination. He used a different order on both the general chart and the astrological House chart going so far on the astrological House chart as to reposition most of the symbols into different Houses. So, of course, I decided to try this geomantic chart for the month of August from Agrippa’s perspective.

I again chose Sorath as the planetary spirit governing the divination and his sigil appears in the center of the House chart. Sorath governs the sun, leadership skills, power and authority, healing, and balance and I either use his or Taphthartharath’s sigil, the planetary spirit for Mercury and messages. Using Agrippa’s method, the general chart reads from left to right instead of the reverse process used by other geomancers, however, the symbols do not transfer into the corresponding Houses, instead following Agrippa’s own perspective found in Franz Hartmann’s .

The breakdown is as follows including each new House position:

  1. Acquisitio ~ gain, profit, success, increase, goal-directed ~ House: 1st
  2. Puer ~ youthful male energy, passion, impulse issues, unstable force ~ House: 10th
  3. Fortuna Major ~ stable inner strength, fortune, protection ~ House: 7th
  4. Amissio ~ loss, dishonesty, issues with honor, sacrifice ~ House: 4th
  5. Acquisitio ~ gain, profit, success, increase, goal-directed ~ House: 2nd
  6. Fortuna Minor ~ outer strength, unstable success ~ House: 11th
  7. Fortuna Major ~ stable inner strength, fortune, protection ~ House: 8th
  8. Cauda Draconis ~ end, termination, disaster, evil, self-destructive, letting go ~ House: 5th
  9. Laetitia ~ joy, laughter, health, good fortune ~ House: 3rd
  10. Carcer ~ restriction, prison, self-imposed struggle, outmoded ideas ~ House: 12th
  11. Carcer ~ restriction, prison, self-imposed struggle, outmoded ideas ~ House: 9th
  12. Puer ~ youthful male energy, passion, impulse issues, unstable force ~ House: 12th
  • Right Witness ~ Rubeus ~ passion evil, temper, vice
  • Left Witness ~ Trisititia — sorrow, sadness, grief
  • Judge ~ Acquisitio ~ gain, profit, success, increase, goal-directed

It’s tempting to look at the symbols from a positive or negative perspective and sometimes that makes sense. But we can also see them from the standpoint of the movement of energy or influence. So, instead of interpreting a symbol like Carcer as wholly evil, we can see it as something that restricts our movement into something more fulfilling. In that view, Acquisitio could simply increase something else without it being attached to financial profit for example. So we’ll see how that applies here, assuming it does.

Beginning with Acquisitio in the 1st House, we’re looking at the impact this symbol has on our overall life and health and in this case, it suggests gain or increase of some kind this month. A symbol for elemental Fire, Acquisitio uses the expansive influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius to foster our goals and it may also suggest some travel this month.

Acquisitio appears again in the 2nd House suggesting increased profit and financial success supported by Laetitia in the 3rd House of siblings, communications, and shorter journeys. Instead of a longer vacation, maybe we should focus on shorter excursions to maximize our finances.

Amissio occupies the 4th House concerning parents, inheritance matters, and what’s considered . This suggests that we may experience some concerns over perceived deception by others or perhaps struggling with our own expression of honesty. The real issue here is the effect that dishonesty has upon others. Trust is affected and sometimes destroyed, so the loss experienced is real. If it’s concerning parents, we may experience a loss surrounding a parent, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a death. Amissio also indicates a tactless response, so we may experience a sense of loss or confusion from that sort of experience. If related to the aforementioned travel, we may want to take extra care if we’re visiting family to not allow a tactless response to affect any time spent together.

The 5th House of women, children, festivals, and pleasure is occupied by Cauda Draconis suggesting an end or termination of something. Perhaps a difficult situation is ending involving a woman or children in our lives, or that we’re letting go of attitudes or beliefs surrounding the same. Otherwise, Cauda Draconis is considered an evil or negative influence.

Puer occupies the 6th House bringing passion and energy regarding health issues this month, however its influence maybe somewhat unstable so we should be mindful to stay balanced. In other words, stop and think before accepting that extra piece of pie or entering a hot dog eating contest. The energy of Puer is typically unrestrained, so we may need to be mindful of a more mature response to our experiences this month.

In the 7th House of marriage and partnerships as well as the 8th House of death, legacies, and anxiety, we have Fortuna Major, an influence of increase or gain. Supporting the gain found in Acquisitio, Fortuna Major addresses inner strength which is stable in nature as well as our integrity and self-worth. August could bring an inheritance to the partnership, thereby increasing their ultimate legacy or financial worth. But with Fortuna Major’s influence in the 7th House, it doesn’t seem to indicate an ending of the partnership and a dissolution of possessions.

Carcer makes the first of two appearances in the chart in the 9th House of visions, longer journeys, and esoteric learning suggesting the need to let go of outmoded ideas. We are typically more imprisoned by self than by anyone or anything else and with the potential for travel this month, we might want to examine any beliefs which might affect the outcome, particularly if visiting family. Carcer is traditionally viewed as an imprisonment of some kind, but on a positive note, it can also involve completion of some kind.

Puer appears again in the 10th House of fortune, fame, and victory bringing passion to that experience. Of course, Puer’s lack of impulse control can have a negative effect, but that energy can also stimulate activity that we might have otherwise been afraid to pursue.

The 11th House of hope and friendship is occupied by Fortuna Minor, the complement of Fortuna Major. We can see each one as its opposite, but it’s really part of the polarity of the greater concept of gain. F Major discusses inner strength while F Minor describes strength of an outer nature and success that is more temporary or unstable. If this refers to a visit with family or friends during this month, continuing with our travel theme, it may describe an experience that we can build upon for the future. Whatever issues we might have with a friend or family member may begin to resolve this month.

Finally, Carcer appears again in the 12th House reinforcing our sorrows, fears, and any restrictions we might feel this month. But do these feelings we experience originate within, or are they a response to behavior from others? In other words, is our fear self-imposed or based on a true threat or conflict originating from others?

The Right and Left Witnesses along with the Judge aren’t typically looked at in an astrological House reading, but given that Carcer and Puer appear twice I want a little more information. The past and future respectively are represented by the Right and Left Witnesses and since we have Rubeus representing the past and Tristitia the future, we see two challenging influences here. Rubeus is influenced by Mars in Scorpio so we already see passion and secret violence contained in this geomantic symbol. There may be a destructive influence behind the scenes contributing to our fear that has affected us in the past. However, the future doesn’t look much better with the sorrow promised by Tristitia.

Both of these make the Judge or outcome of Acquisitio even more puzzling. Are we going to experience an increase of pain and loss this month, possibly surrounding travel to see family? Have we been at odds with anyone who we might be visiting who might be sabotaging any reconciliation which could take place?

I suppose if any of this resonates, we might reconsider any travel plans that might involve someone with whom we might be in conflict, postponing the visit until the situation either settles down or fizzles out on its own. It feels like the source of the conflict involves the unstable and potentially manipulative energy of Puer. That either applies to our own self and the issues we might have interacting with others or it could indicate a younger male who is the source of the conflict.

Time will tell just what it was that we gained over the course of August. Will it be a resolution of sorts, or will it be additional conflict? The referenced by Amissio in the 4th House suggests that we’ve either extended or experienced loss involving dishonesty from others. If it’s from others, then it suggests that much is happening that’s hidden from view. So we may continue to feel that loss throughout the month.

However, a portal to spiritual energy and awakening known as the Lion’s Gate occurs each year on August 8th so a strong influence exists which may counteract the effects of loss and unstable energy this month. Let’s remain open to that loving vibration allowing its resonance to fill us with joy and peace.



Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…

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Blogger at Empath✵Witch✵Reiki Master✵Kenpo✵Herbalist — Author of Shifting Perception and more…