Geomancy for April 2019

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Now that the Monthly Tarot reading is complete, let’s look at the geomancy for April. Given that the planetary force behind Albus the first geomancy symbol in section one is Taphthartharath, I’ve included that glyph in the outcome section at the bottom of the shield chart. The chart is read from right to left beginning in the upper right-hand corner. From there, I’ll consider the shield chart in four initial sections, one for each week with the final three sections at the bottom of the chart as information pertaining to the outcome. The chart breakdown follows:

  1. Albus ~ Mercury, Air, Gemini, wisdom, sage (appears three times)
  2. Acquisitio ~ Jupiter, Air, Sagittarius, gain, acquisition, profit
  3. Puer ~ Mars, Fire, Aries, young boy, impulsive action
  4. Albus ~ Mercury, Air, Gemini, wisdom, sage
  5. Albus ~ Mercury, Air, Gemini, wisdom, sage
  6. Conjunctio — Mercury, Air, Virgo, joining, union (appears twice)
  7. Carcer ~ Saturn Earth, Capricorn, imprisonment, evil
  8. Conjunctio — Mercury, Air, Virgo, joining, union
  9. Caput Draconis ~ North Node, Earth, Virgo, beginnings
  10. Via ~ Moon, Water, Cancer, way, journey (appears twice)
  11. Rubeus ~ Mars, Water, Scorpio, passion, evil
  12. Via ~ Moon, Water, Cancer, way, journey
  13. Laetitia ~ Jupiter, Air, Pisces, joy, gladness
  14. Puella ~ Venus, Air, Libra, young girl, somewhat fortunate
  15. Fortuna Major ~ Sun, Fire, Leo, greater fortune, profit,
  • Fire ~ 2 symbols, will
  • Air ~ 8 symbols, intellect, reason
  • Water ~ 3 symbols, emotions
  • Earth ~ 2 symbols, physical matters, security
  • Sun ~ 1 symbol (Fortuna Major)
  • Mercury ~ 5 symbols (Albus — 3, Conjunctio — 2)
  • Jupiter ~ 2 symbols (Acquisitio, Laetitia)
  • Mars ~ 2 symbols (Puer, Rubeus)
  • Saturn ~ 1 symbol (Carcer)
  • N. Node ~ 1 symbol (Caput Draconis)
  • Moon ~ 2 symbols (Via)
  • Venus ~ 1 symbol (Puella)

As we can see, Albus appears three times followed by Conjunctio and Via appearing twice, suggesting an overall focus for the month involving wisdom, unity, and the path taken. Air (intellect) dominates the elements this month with Mercury naturally following as the dominant planetary influence.

My typical method of interpretation sections off the upper two rows of the shield chart into four weeks beginning on the right-hand side of the chart. The top row contains sections one through eight followed by sections nine through twelve comprising row two. With that, week one is comprised by sections 1, 2, and 9, week two by 3, 4, and 10, week three by 5, 6, and 11, and week four by 7, 8, and 12.

Week One

The first week of April begins with the influences of Albus (wisdom), Acquisitio (gain), and Caput Draconis (beginnings). Experience may foster new opportunities this week resulting in financial gain. Although Air dominates this week, Earth and our financial security provide the direction for positive change.

Week Two

Puer, Albus, and Via comprise week two’s geomantic influences building on new opportunities from week one. With Via’s influence, a new direction may be taken this week again guided by wisdom and experience. Puer represents youthful energy and a lack of impulse control; however, wise Albus may offset some of that impulsivity so that our efforts aren’t sabotaged by our own unwise choices. In other words, don’t get ahead of yourself.

Week Three

We see wise Albus again in week three as well as unifying Conjunctio and passionate Rubeus. In fact, a closer look at both Albus and Rubeus illustrates that they’re opposites in the same manner as Libra and Aries. One is wise and balanced, the other is passionate and uncontrolled. We saw similar energy at work in week two with Puer and Albus but this week, the influence of Rubeus is older and more devious than youthful Puer. So, while we may be attempting to unify with Conjunctio, Rubeus may have other ideas. If possible, make wise use of the passion within to join with others in harmony and purpose.

Week Four

Carcer and Conjunctio create a similar energetic connection during week four that we experienced in weeks two and three with Albus, Puer, and Rubeus. Via, the path chosen, appearing again will be a result of either self-imprisonment or unity with others. While the wisdom of Albus influenced our choices in weeks two and three, it appears that Conjunctio, or unity/joining, began its influence during week three and continues the same now. Although we may be tempted to make a solitary choice this week, it may be at our own expense.

Overall Outlook

The final row of the shield chart contains three symbols, the Right and Left Witnesses, and the Judge. Interpretations may vary but a typical one corresponds the past to the Right Witness, the future to the Left Witness, and the outcome to the Judge. An additional section can also be interpreted, section four, as the end of the matter.

With Laetitia as the Right Witness, we begin the month in joy, relishing the beginnings of Spring as flowers begin to bloom and plants begin to grow. It’s a time for new beginnings with Jupiter’s expansive influence evident everywhere. Fortunate Puella suggests a positive future while Fortuna Major in the Judge or outcome position suggests that our efforts will result in profit and gain. Albus occupies the fourth section and therefore the end of the matter suggesting wisdom and balance will provide the underlying foundation as we embrace new opportunities in joy and unified purpose with others. The only caution I would offer would be with so much Elemental Air influencing, avoid over-thinking things as new experiences are explored lest we sabotage our efforts before they even begin.

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