Geomancy for 13 December 2018 ~ Is The End Near?

With all of the information coming out as Donald’s lackeys are either sentenced or currently taking deals to reduce or eliminate completely their future time in prison, I decided to look at how geomancy might give us additional information about his own future. For this reading, I decided to base the chart on House positions of the seven planets used in geomancy. My software gives me the ability to change how the charts look, so I modified a Vedic-oriented chart to suit my needs. Refer to the traditional chart to show the House positions and then compare those to where they appear in the square chart to show the direction of movement, but I’ll explain as I go as well.

Typically, I break the upper two sections into four quadrants and use them to describe weekly influences in a monthly geomancy reading. But this divination method lends itself to any number of focuses so today I decided to use only the lower two sections for the reading. Since the top line creates the second line, I felt comfortable with that choice.

I’ve numbered the seven sections and I’ve assigned to them the Chaldean order of planets, with 1 as Saturn, 2 — Jupiter, 3 — Mars, 4 — Sun, 5 — Venus, 6 — Mercury, and 7 — Moon and I’ll look at how each planet and the respective Houses in which they fall influence the geomantic symbol contained in that section for additional insight. Where there are aspects in play, I’ll also add that to the mix. So, let’s see how all of this breaks down.

In section one, governed by Saturn, Fortuna Major appears representing gain, success, and good fortune, Saturn in Capricorn’s influence brings a conservative and possibly authoritarian attitude along with big ambitions. Appearing in the 1st House pertaining to self, life, and health, it also describes an individual who may experience a sense of inadequacy from childhood experiences.

Amissio, or loss of some kind, appears in section two of the geomantic chart. Jupiter governs this section so we may see an increase of loss given Jupiter’s expansive influence. Today, Jupiter transits into Sagittarius which suggests an individual unafraid of a challenge, but in the 12th House of sorrow, fear, punishment, and enemies, it also suggests someone who looks within for answers instead of seeking clarification or information from others. Also, Amissio in the 12th House suggests that loss could result in extensive incarceration.

The third section is governed today by Mars in the 2nd House of money, property, and possessions. Puer, a geomantic symbol representing Mars in Aries, presents a youthful and unstable influence suggesting a frenetic individual who squanders wealth that is acquired instead of inherited. There is also an aggressive attitude present that aligns power with money and possessions.

Section four is governed by the Sun, today sharing the 12th House with Jupiter amplifying the individual’s need to take risks which may result in aggressive behavior that doesn’t sit well with others. The dragon’s tail, Cauda Draconis appears in this fourth section invoking the South Moon Node, which may suggest a release from incarceration or a letting go destructive behavior. Or, it could suggest a resignation.

Carcer, a Saturnian geomantic symbol in section five, suggests outmoded ideas, restriction, fate, and prison. and in the section governed by Venus in Pisces, the individual may also have difficulty with monogamy. There seems to be an intense sexual component to this individual’s endeavors and relationships and if a life partner isn’t stimulating enough, the person may find marital fidelity difficult. Additionally, in the 10th House of mothers, trade, and professional position, this also describes an individual concerned with beautiful things.

Fortuna Major is seen again in section six governed by Mercury appearing in Sagittarius and the 11th House stressing communication with friends and associates. This influence describes an individual who is focused on financial success and security with a need to express himself freely to anyone who will listen, however in the 11th House, Fortuna Major may suggest an increase in secrecy.

Finally, Amissio appears again in section seven governed by the Moon so the individual in question may experience loss of an emotional nature. In the 2nd House, as with emotional eating, the individual may find emotional security by acquiring possessions and wealth which may also fluctuate dramatically. Given the loss associated with Amissio, emotions surrounding loss over wealth or possessions may be difficult to deal with. Aspects with Mercury and Jupiter suggest indecisiveness and self-indulgence.

Overall, this geomantic reading describes an individual consumed by his own sense of worth and who makes decisions that may be impulsive and self-oriented. Because of that, impulse control is a factor both in deed and word and he may lose at some point all that he’s tried to create for himself.

As we’ve seen wealth is definitely possible with this individual given his willingness to overlook boundaries. But it also appears that his time in power may be coming to an end, with potential restrictions imposed soon. In other words, resignation and/or incarceration are possible outcomes.

Again, the point of this reading was to get an idea of how the latest legal outcomes for Donald’s associates might impact his own potential legal entanglements vis a vis his election to the presidency. And given his inability to keep his mouth shut, that alone may be his undoing.

But he disagrees, of course. He said in a recent interview that he didn’t believe that any hush money payments were made. Okay?

Well, okay then.

Originally published at on December 14, 2018.



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