Full Moon Spell for Healing Differences and Compassion For Others

Today is the Full Flower Moon and I wanted to perform a spell for healing differences and expressing care towards others. We live in such a harsh world now. And it seems as if love and unity have taken a backseat to lies and vitriol so I thought it might be nice to cast the intention for a more positive interaction. Because the full moon is on a Tuesday, I’ll take advantage of some Mars protection energy available that day, but my focus will center on the influences of Venus and Jupiter.

Timing is important and referring to my chart for magickal times of the day, it looks like 7 pm works best for fostering diversity and care toward others, and the healing of differences. Because I like working with planetary squares and seals, I’m going to initially use the seal for Mars to inhibit any hostile or negative interactions. Squares are thought to set forces in motion and seals are used to stop them, so since Mars corresponds to Tuesday, I’ll use that planetary seal to clear the deck, so to speak. I’ll add a piece of Jasper as well to signify the Mars influence. I’ll next draw the rune, Othala, followed by the planetary square for Venus to increase love and harmony, and then Jupiter’s square to expand that love and harmony. I’ll roll the four together, tying them together by wrapping them nine times with a green thread, after which I’ll burn it in a cauldron to use Fire’s intensity when casting the intention to the universe.

Here is the breakdown of the spell construction:

  • 7 pm — diversity, healing differences, care towards others
  • Tuesday — Mars — Fire — courage, protection, politics, competition, use this day to generate the action or focus
  • Stones — jasper, celestite, rose quartz
  • Small round mirror or clear glass plate
  • Salt
  • Copal or myrrh incense
  • Incense burner of some kind for the incense
  • Othala for kinship and balancing order and chaos, protection
  • blue, pink, green candles
  • The seal of Mars to stop aggressive and hostile actions
  • The square of Jupiter to increase good judgment and social consciousness
  • The square of Venus to increase harmony and love
  • Mother phase so Mother Goddess oil — in carrier oil 4 dr myrrh, 3 dr cypress, 2 dr geranium, 1 dr ylang ylang
  • Mint, mugwort, thyme sprigs
  • Goddess altarpieces if available, can use holey stones as well
  • graph paper to write out the planetary squares and a small piece of white paper to draw out the seal and one to draw Othala

After beginning the ritual in your customary fashion, place a small round mirror or glass plate in the center of the altar. Sprinkle salt around the edge. Place mint, mugwort, and thyme sprigs around the mirror/plate. Place the three candles above the mirror or plate and anoint each one upwards with Mother Goddess oil. Place the stones or crystals on the altar.

Light the three candles while stating your intention. Draw the Mars planetary seal and place it in the center of the mirror/plate. Next, draw Othala using one of the small white pieces of paper and place it on top of the Mars planetary seal to establish our essential unity. From there, using the graph paper (I use index card-sized graph paper and then cut that card in half), write out the planetary square for Venus to bring in planetary energies of harmony and love and place it on top of Othala. Next, expand that influence by writing out the planetary square for Jupiter and placing it on top of the others. All of this is done while focusing on the intention, healing differences and creating harmony.

Holding your hand over the sigils, recite whatever chant you like that best describes your intention. It can be as simple or as complex as you like, and it can also be poetic and rhyme, but this one, I’ll repeat nine times, so I’ll probably keep it simple, something with no more than four short lines.

Something like… Fire protects… as Air informs… Hearts will heal… as unity is reborn.

Repeat your words nine times while focusing your intention.

From there, roll the four pieces into a scroll and tie it with thread, wrapping it nine times. Wave the scroll through each candle’s flame saying, Blessed Be when finished.

If you’re in a space where you can safely burn the scroll in a cauldron, then do that now. Otherwise, close the ritual in your normal manner and take the scroll and cauldron outside to a safe place and light the scroll and allow it to burn completely.

I’m using both Air and Fire as Elemental influences with intellect informing our will. Emotions can get the better of us so although we need to love more and judge less, it may be that emotions have run amok and are causing negativity and hostility, so using Air, we might be able to see the wisdom of unity over animosity without too much emotion getting in the way.

So, if you like, I’ll be doing this at 7 pm PST tonight and you’re welcome to join in. You can follow my outline or create your own. Or simply hold space for a little while beginning at 7 pm casting the intention that we all come together in love and unity. Expressing collective intention is amazing to experience. And I can’t think of a better intention than healing and unity.

~ Full Flower Moon Blessings!

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on May 29, 2018.



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