From the Perspective Of Source Vision ~ Tarot for 14 December 2017

I’ve been using my husband’s laptop for the last few weeks because mine died. It’s odd using someone else’s computer because sometimes software, even with the appropriate keys, doesn’t want to install. I have the professional version of Time Passages and I’ll have to contact the company if I want to install it. I also use the professional versions of Solar Fire which installed fine as well as Jovian Archive’s Human Design software. But it seems that my husband’s laptop is doing funny things so I’ve thrown caution to the wind and I bought a MacBook Pro laptop. It’s shipping now, so I’m using my iPad to write this post.

I’ve never had a Mac before, so it will be interesting, but it’s less glitchy from what I’m told and that’s just what a Crone witch needs, less glitch. So time will tell how I will function with the new operating system vis a vis software I’m accustomed to using. Turns out, the Solar Fire and Human Design folks don’t have a Mac version of their software, however, I do have one on my iPad that I can use. I can buy a copy of the Mac software from Time Passages, but I’ve spent enough I think. I can use the PC versions for as long as my husband’s laptop survives but they may be something I have to give up at some point because I think I’m done with PCs.

Anyway, the App Store had a version similar to the Solar Fire software I use and I bought that one. Plus, there’s another program called iPhemeris that’s available for Mac that’s supposed to be good. I like thinking about planetary influences, so I don’t want to give up writing about it entirely.

But until I get the new MacBook, I have a tarot reading to interpret and since Mercury is still in retrograde, and it’s a ridiculous time to purchase electronics, I thought I would use my Thoth deck. It’s my go-to deck when I have no clue what’s going on. Using a three card spread, Swords and Disks comprise the two cards from the Minor Arcana with one present from the Major Arcana. 6, 5, and 20 reduce to 4 for the overall numerology suggesting structure, the elements, and the influence of Gaia.

Six swords direct their tips to the center of a golden cross. Crowley titles the 6 of Swords Science and suggests a balanced intellectual focus along with a focus on Spirit. I’ve always been bothered by the cross itself in that I’m not so certain it denotes spirituality. But this card does feel as if our thoughts are directed toward the Spirit aspect of self. Other cards depict a journey over water, but that journey can also be spiritual in nature.

Worry is the title of the 5 of Disks and illustrates how we can be drawn in by negative thinking. An inverse pentagram, dark and foreboding, points downward, tattvas symbolizing each element. Like cogs or gears, our focus on negative issues can become automatic and we can lose sight of solutions found in the present moment. The card almost appears like a portal into darkness.

Crowley reorganized the order of the Major Arcana as well as retitled some of the cards including Judgment. Now known as The Aeon, encourages us to live in the present moment, an obvious solution to the negative thinking suggested by the 5 of Disks. Also known as rebirth in some decks, The Aeon depicts Nuit, the night sky goddess, arching over the entire scene. Horus sits below her on his throne while a translucent Harpocrates (Snuffin 73) stands in front, his naked appearance signifying innocence, his finger to his lips suggesting mystery and silence.

Traditional tarot decks are fine, but other designers who have taken the risk to either rename, retitle, or do both to their decks show a willingness to consider other interpretations. The greatest issue I have with traditional tarot decks is the clear patriarchal message they contain. In this deck, as with the Rebirth card in the DruidCraft Tarot, Judgment gives way to transformation of Self. The Aeon acknowledges that aeons occur and typically transform humanity into something new. In the case of the tarot and the fool’s journey, it’s transformation brought by awakening into consciousness as Spirit. We begin in Spirit and somewhere along our journey in form, we remember that we are Spirit.

Today’s reading is counseling us to remember who we are as Spirit and to reach for that perspective when plagued by worry or loss. The cross within the six swords of the 6 of Swords radiates the light of Spirit as does The Aeon. We can be driven mad by our outer experience or remain in control of those experiences by viewing them through the eyes of Source Vision.

Challenging as I await my new laptop.


1. Snuffin, Michael Osiris. The Thoth Tarot Companion. Llewelyn Publications. 2007

Originally published at on December 14, 2017.

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