Exploring Tarot: The Tower

Jan Erickson
1 min readSep 24

The 16th card from the Major Arcana, The Tower represents change that is unexpected, transformative, and catalytic. A lightning bolt strikes and blows off the top of The Tower. Smoke and fire are visible and two people fall to an unknown fate.

It’s easy to become complacent when life is going well. The problem with complacency, however, is that we risk staying in a bubble of outmoded perception. Reflecting the energy of Mars, The Tower signifies a moment of awakening and suggests we either need to take the initiative to shake things up by stepping outside our comfort zone, or the universe will do that for us.

By adding together 1 +6 (16) we arrive at seven, the overall numerology of The Tower. Seven reflects balance, and, like the scales, allows a situation to settle out to understand its overall picture. If we look at the two people falling into the unknown as a rebalancing of inner polarity, The Tower asks us to let go of any false perceptions or narratives and remain open to exploring new experiences and opportunities.

Jan Erickson

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