Exploring Tarot: The Sun

Jan Erickson
1 min readMay 21

A child sits atop a white horse while he holds a reddish flag that waves in the breeze. Four sunflowers reach above a stone wall while a bright Sun shines above, its rays radiating throughout the sky. The child wears a crown of seven orbs that represent the seven cosmic rays of creation as well as the seven sacred planets illuminated by the Sun.

The 19th card of the Major Arcana, The Sun describes happiness and fulfillment, the self, vitality, clarity, success, and reunion. It also represents an expression of will, awakening, and the light returning.

When The Sun appears in a reading, it can signal spiritual awakening and alignment with higher consciousness. It can also portend success after hard work. The Sun can also indicate something may come into focus or you may achieve clarity on some issue. And it can suggest that a new path is opening.

Jan Erickson

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