Exploring Tarot: 2 of Swords

Jan Erickson
1 min readSep 17

In the 2 of Swords, we see a woman sitting on a simple stone bench. Her back is against the water with a dual line separating her from where she sits on the sand. Her eyes are blindfolded and her arms are crossed in front of her chest as she holds a sword in each hand. The Moon above is in its crescent phase signaling a time for growth and self-assertion. The water itself isn’t smooth suggesting that her emotions are still impacting her decisions, while the rocks that appear in the water indicate challenges are ahead.

A card of The Moon in Libra, the 2 of Swords suggests the need to balance emotions with reason when making a decision. The woman turns her back to the water and wears a blindfold to reduce the impact of her emotions on the decision she needs to make. In short, when this card appears in a reading, it suggests that you need to go within to make a decision that’s rational and balanced.

Jan Erickson

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