Examining The Transiting Incarnation Cross of Identification

Jan Erickson
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Incarnation crosses are one of the more interesting aspects found in Human Design and are derived by identifying the Sun and Earth gates in the natal chart’s Design and Personality columns. They establish our overall purpose and potential in life and reflect three different geometric patterns. The Incarnation Cross can either be left or right-angled or juxtaposed depicting our overall destiny. Left-angled Incarnation Crosses indicate a destiny that is focused on others, right-angled a focus on the self, and a juxtaposed angle reflects a more fixed destiny as it bridges the divide between left and right angled destinies.

From there, incarnation crosses are divided into four quarters: The Quarters of Initiation, Civilization, Duality, and Mutation. We initiate Self into form, continue to manifest and build our lives, learn how to experience and relate to our “other-selves”, and then bring our lives to completion.

As you can see from the transit chart at the top, it only includes a transit column which actually corresponds to the Personality side of the natal chart. But we can see how the incarnation cross is derived by looking at a “Just Now” chart that shows the Design Sun and Earth column as well. The Just Now chart appears below for illustration purposes.

Today’s transiting incarnation cross is left-angled and from the Quarter of Civilization titled the Left Angled Cross of Identification denoting someone who is logical and able to convince others of the wisdom of their position or premise and it involves Gates 16, 9, 63, and 64. Gates 16 and 9 are associated with the Sun and Earth and appear in both the Just Now and transit charts with gates 63 and 64 located in the Design column in the Just Now chart example. The Incarnation Cross appears below.

Looking at the Personality/Transit column, The Sun at Gate 9 strengthens our focus and attention to detail, and at Line 5, Faith, it suggests that this level of concentration may be our greatest asset. The Earth at Gate 16 deals with the skills we possess to enthusiastically live our lives, but at Line 5, The Grinch, it suggests that we may need the encouragement of others to find our best expression.

The Design Sun and Earth Gates are 63 and 64 respectively and deal with completion, both before and after. The Sun is at Gate 64 Before Completion/Confusion and at Line 1 Conditions suggesting an individual who can retreat within to find harmony lacking in the external environment. Design Earth at Gate 63 After Completion/Doubt and Line 1 Composure suggests achievement blessed by grace as opposed to arrogance.

The left-angled aspect of the cross suggests a more trans-personal focus, therefore The Cross of Identification appears to reflect the nature of the individual in relation to others. And in this case, there seems to be identification found in acceptance by others as we extend grace and humility when sharing achievements.

What this transiting incarnation cross is counseling us to do is to think about how we cooperatively relate to others. While it’s not recommended that we derive our self-worth from the opinions of others, it does make sense to allow for their input when working together. Prefer harmony over assertion, or wait until the fireworks are over to give your opinion.

Again, the incarnation cross was taken from a Transit chart and reflects a Manifesting Generator personality type, so some initiation is fine, but as all Generators know, we must wait to respond to achieve our greatest effect. Otherwise, it all comes tumbling down around us.


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