Esoteric Influences for 5–11 April 2020

Jan Erickson
9 min readApr 5, 2020

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Weekly Numerology

  • Sunday ~ 5 — today is a day for change fostering protection and justice.
  • Monday ~ 6 — Higher Self influences today as we seek balance within and with others. Maintaining health and feelings of benevolence toward others are favored.
  • Tuesday ~ 7 — a balanced perspective is favored today. Allow emotions and/or the situation to find balance and remain in the observer role.
  • Wednesday ~ 8 — leadership may be a factor today and others may rely on our perspective and suggestions. If so, take that role seriously, favoring objective truth over personal agenda.
  • Thursday ~ 9 — some aspect or situation in your life may be ending today so be prepared to discover what’s next as a new door opens.
  • Friday ~ 10/1 — new beginnings are possible today as we move forward in unity and shared purpose with others.
  • Saturday ~ 11 — the Master Number for illumination guides our path today suggesting a profound level of clarity and vision are available today.

Runes for the Week

  • Sunday ~ Hagalaz (9) — transformation is possible today as we release old perceptions and patterns that have kept us from progressing forward. Meaning: Water element, witch rune, Hella, destruction but within intentional boundaries, hail, Norn (Urdh) rune of the past, celestial ice egg, protection, luck, trance work
  • Monday ~ Jera (12) — unfolding awareness and growth are possible if we remain in alignment with higher principles and values. Meaning: Earth element, transformation, balance, give and take, cycles, herbalism, gardening, unfolding awareness, energetic alignment, year, fertility
  • Tuesday ~ Berkano (18) — our focus is firmly on healing and protection along with creating some semblance of normalcy in our lives for the foreseeable future. As the plants begin growing again and flowers burst forth, know that we survive…
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