Esoteric Influences for 31 May-6 June 2020

Jan Erickson
9 min readMay 31, 2020

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Welcome to another edition of your weekly aggregate of esoteric influences! We’ll begin first with the weekly numerology!

Sunday ~ 31/4 — Sagittarius until Capricorn at 12:45 PM PDT — take a disciplined and self-reliant approach today. Review current progress and make necessary corrections.

Monday ~ 1 — Express unity with others today. Offer support and assistance if you can, but do so safely. Allow new perceptions to take hold.

Tuesday ~ 2 — Understand the cause and effect nature of what’s happening and apply balanced reason to the current situation at hand.

Wednesday ~ 3 — use today’s catalytic energy to bring everything into perspective. The situation may be changing rapidly, so understand the facts and truth before taking action.

Thursday ~ 4 — practical concerns are in focus today as are establishing a secure foundation. Don’t let unbridled emotion overshadow a successful outcome.

Friday ~ 5 — changes experienced today could be quite profound. Be certain that all measures are taken, however, so that all concerned are protected and safe.

Saturday ~ 6 — Higher Self influence and expressions of shared purpose today. Intuition is strong and new beginnings are possible.

Runes for the Week

Sunday — Ansuz (4) — hear the voice of Spirit and the message it brings giving no attention to the ego’s influence. Remain on a healing path. Meaning: Air, Odin’s rune, divine message, Spirit communication, eloquence, creation, Higher Self, divinity, clarity

Monday — Uruz (2) — new thought patterns form today as perceptions continue to shift. Health issues continue as the virus has yet to be contained and businesses re-open. However, with the influence of Uruz, we…

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