Esoteric Influences for 29 July 2020

Jan Erickson
3 min readJul 29, 2020

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Daily Numerology

29 July 2020 ~ 7/29/2020 ~ 7 11 22

Illumination and awakening are experienced as we transmute ego into Spirit today as we awaken to a shared understanding with others. A new path is possible if we align in Higher Self purpose.

Rune of the Day

Jera (12) — safely engage in shared purpose with others today. Offer assistance where needed but again, do so from a safe distance. As our current situation further unfolds, we begin to sense a rhythm developing which will sustain us going forward. Understand cause and effect and don’t be concerned if a strategic change of course is necessary.

Meaning: Earth, transformation, balance, give and take, cycles, herbalism, gardening, unfolding awareness, energetic alignment, year, fertility

Lunar Transits

Scorpio until Sagittarius at 12:24 AM PDT — the drama of the last two days transitions into more independence which you may want to share with others. A sesquisquare between the Moon and Mercury, however, suggests a less than tactful approach should others disagree with your approach while a semisquare with Jupiter cautions against impulsivity.

Human Design

The channel of Exploration joins with the Channel of Awareness indicating a Higher level of conviction that requires integrity from those in leadership positions. As dark forces continue their efforts at deception and division, instead of demoralization, a new sense of unity is experienced today with more voices joining the struggle toward a shared path forward. Drop resistance to a greater purpose and make your voice heard.

Tarot Card of the Day

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