Esoteric Influences for 21–27 June 2020

Jan Erickson
8 min readJun 21, 2020

Welcome to another edition of your weekly aggregate of esoteric influences! We’ll begin first with the weekly numerology!

Sunday ~ 21/3 — Reach out to and cherish the father or father-figure in your life on this Father’s Day. Transmute ego into Spirit and use today’s catalytic energy to bring everything into perspective.

Monday ~ 22 — A six numerology month signaling Higher Self awareness coupled with the Cosmic Builder for both the day and the year suggests that profound soul-level change is possible today. Stay present, stay watchful, and stay aligned. But above all…stay ready.

Tuesday ~ 23/5 — Changes experienced today could be quite profound. Be certain that all measures are taken, however, so that all concerned are protected and safe.

Wednesday ~ 24/6 — Higher Self influence and expressions of shared purpose and benevolence are experienced today. Intuition is strong and new beginnings are possible.

Thursday ~ 25/7 — Take an observer role today if energies become chaotic or if you’re unsure of what you’re seeing or experiencing. Allow the situation to settle before acting.

Friday ~ 26/8 — Practical matters are in focus and you may be asked to take a leadership role. Understand the greater picture and choose harmony and protection over self-interest.

Saturday ~ 27/9 — One phase may be ending and another beginning. Let go of what no longer serves and embrace new experiences.

Runes for the Week

Sunday — Isa — Take time to align away from the chaos of the past week, particularly if empathic or highly sensitive. Focus on the present moment and give fear of the unknown no quarter. Pay attention to intuition and synchronicity. Meaning: Water, Norn (Verdandi) rune of the present moment, ice, becoming, stillness, will development, contraction, focus, consciousness, freezing unwanted behavior or situations

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