Esoteric Influences for 20 July 2020

Jan Erickson
2 min readJul 20, 2020

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20 July 2020 ~ 7/20/2020 ~ 7 2 22

Take a step back and reassess the situation in the event clarity is lacking. Understand the cause and effect nature and apply balanced reason to the current situation at hand.

Rune for the Day

Algiz ~ allow perceptions to shift toward a higher level of understanding. Draw inspiration from the collective aspect of Self and allow the voice of inner truth to inform your choices and decisions.

Meaning: Air/Fire/Water, elk, protection, BiFrost bridge between physical and astral realms, higher consciousness, divinity

Lunar Influences

Cancer until Leo at 1:16 PM PDT ~ if the transition from Cancer to Leo seems a bit too much, gather your speed gradually. It’s not always easy to move from a quiet or reclusive experience into Leo the party animal. The Moon conjunct the Sun indicates a New Moon today suggesting new beginnings; however, a semisquare between the Moon and Venus cautions against excess.

Human Design/I Ching Influences

An authority figure addicted to his own message may feel alienated today and strike out to stay in the spotlight, however, you possess the intrinsic ability to understand restriction and to stay the course. Ignore superficialities, focus on underlying truth, and remain in harmony with others. Both strategic effort and intuition are required so that a collective goal is attained.

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