Esoteric Influences for 13–19 December 2020

Jan Erickson
7 min readDec 13, 2020

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Below you’ll find the current esoteric influences for the coming week. They include the day’s numerology, rune, lunar transits, as well as influences from the I Ching found in each day’s current Human Design chart. Refer to the current Human Design Channels for the week with their definitions for additional information.


Active Human Design Channels

Openness (12–22) — comprised by Gate 22 (Grace/Openness) and Gate 12 (Standstill/Caution) and balances openness with restraint.

Sunday, 13 December 2020

  • Numerology — 3 4 22
  • Rune — Inguz
  • Geomancy — Albus
  • Moon — Sagittarius
  • Human Design Channels — none active

The presence of Inguz, the 22nd rune from the Elder Futhark, aligns with the 22 year signaling the potential for growth and sudden change likely having to do with the more foundational aspects of life. Take an inner focus today to reassess perceptions and how they either enhance or detract from success. Use wisdom gained from past experience to inform your decisions.

The Sagittarius Moon supports your independent nature; however, a quincunx between the Moon and Uranus cautions against impulsive behavior. In addition, a square between the Moon and Ceres suggests that relationships with the women in your life may be challenging which a lack of impulse control could reinforce. Look within to see if your own emotional balance is at the core of this difficulty and discover new ways to nurture self and others.

Your sense of purpose may be tested today, however, do not lose focus or misunderstand the impact of outside influences. If security is threatened, know that your best protection is derived through developing a strong foundation. You may also need to reassess the choices you’ve made of late, letting go of associations that are not in…



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