Esoteric Influences for 12 August 2020

Jan Erickson
3 min readAug 12, 2020

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Daily Numerology

12 August 2020 ~ 8/12/2020 ~ 8 3 22

Take a practical approach to new experiences today. Profound change is possible if you step outside your comfort zone, let your creative juices flow, and enjoy the process that unfolds.

Rune of the Day

Raidho (5th Rune of the Elder Futhark)

Partnerships with others are strengthened today as you resonate with others in shared purpose. Issues of equality and justice may draw your attention today and it becomes clear that the best way forward is in harmony with others. Although the goal may still be in the distance, an integrated approach will get you there more quickly than going it alone.

Meaning: soul journey, partnership, process over goal, harmonious movement, integration, rhythm, cycles, justice, Air

Lunar Transits

Taurus until Gemini at 6:46 AM PDT

Explore new ideas with others and chat away the day! Or, you may get together online with others for a group meditation or yoga session (Moon sextile Vesta).

Human Design

Avoid any judgment of others today, particularly those who may be struggling. Stay focused on collaboration toward a shared goal, even if it means staying silent until more information is gathered. Someone may be depending on you to accept superficiality when what is needed is truth. Change is inevitable now, but explore all possibilities before acting.

Tarot Card of the Day



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