Esoteric Forecast for Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Jan Erickson
5 min readJun 30, 2021

In today’s Esoteric forecast, we’re going to look at the current influences from both traditional and esoteric astrology as well as the daily numerology on our lives!

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Lunar positionPisces until Aries at 6:22 PM PDT — While the Moon is still in Pisces for most of the day, your focus may shift to one that is spiritual in nature. Let your inner awareness flow and your intuition guide your journey. Refer to the current Esoteric Influences for more information regarding today’s influences.

Significant Aspects or Patterns


  • Saturn R/Uranus/Mars — indicates a challenge over balancing self-assertion and self-discipline


  • Venus/Mars/Ascendant (Leo) — you present a strong image with this aspect pattern and how others perceive you is important as is self-assertion

Additional Aspects (Goddess planets, Lilith, Nodes, and Ascendant aspects follow in their own categories)

  • Mercury (11th/Gemini) semisquare Venus (12th/Leo) — a new endeavor may be blocked in some way and patience will be required
  • Mars (1st/Leo) opposite Saturn (7th/Aquarius R) — suggests balancing self-restriction with self-assertion
  • Mars (1st/Leo) trine Chiron (9th/Aries) — describes the ability to speak on behalf of others to work through challenges.
  • Saturn (7th/Aquarius R) square Uranus (10th/Taurus) — suggests insecurity surrounding ability, authority, and compromise.
  • Saturn (7th/Aquarius R) sextile Chiron (9th/Aries) — you embrace past emotional difficulties with resolve and awareness, providing assistance to others who are experiencing the same

Goddess-oriented Planetary Interactions

  • Mars (1st/Leo) trine Juno (5th/Sagittarius R) — suggests that independence and adventure are desired in a partner but that reflection is also needed so that you see that person for who they really are
  • Saturn (7th/Aquarius R) semisquare Pallas (9th/Pisces) — suggests that problem-solving may be impacted within…



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