Esoteric Forecast for Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Jan Erickson
5 min readSep 28, 2021

In today’s Esoteric forecast, we’ll look at the current influences from both traditional and esoteric astrology as well as the daily numerology on our lives.

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Lunar positionThe Moon in Gemini until Cancer at 6:35 AM PDT — As the Moon shifts into Cancer, you naturally want to focus on nurturing those you love. Although interactions flow well, there could be someone you encounter who upsets the apple cart, so to speak, and it’s difficult to understand his or her motives. Stay calm and remain supportive until the situation becomes more clear. Refer to the current Esoteric Influences for more information regarding today’s influences.

General Patterns

A 3 point stellium between The Sun, Vulcan, and Mars continues suggesting that you draw inner strength from Higher self awareness to set your own course. There may also be more going on than you realize as issues arise that surround your response to the emotional needs of others, and it may become necessary to reevaluate your overall understanding of the situation so that you respond with compassion instead of judgment. Otherwise interactions with close partners or family members could devolve into chaos. Respect the input of others and take a spiritual approach to problem solving and know that out of chaos comes healing and transformation. Remember that patience may be necessary if perceptions begin to shift, from others as well as yourself.

The Ascendant: Libra — a masculine, cardinal sign that suggests an individual who is concerned about others, initiates or takes action, and prefers harmony over conflict. At times, Libra individuals can rely too much on the reactions from others and can be indecisive, weighing out each side of a situation to the point of making no decision at all. A quincunx with Uranus in retrograde challenges you to think outside the box while an opposition with Chiron (also in retrograde) suggests you may be highly sensitive to the moods of others, particularly with those individuals closest to you with feelings of rejection possible. And lastly, a trine with Ceres recommends that you be aware of how you both extend and accept support from others and the…

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