Esoteric Forecast for Monday, 25 October 2021

Jan Erickson
4 min readOct 25, 2021

In today’s Esoteric forecast, we’ll look at the current influences from both traditional and esoteric astrology as well as the daily numerology on our lives.

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Numerology ~ Today’s life path numerology of 4 describes a life path or destiny involving patience, self-discipline, and diligence. The day itself is a 7 which indicates observation, balance, witchcraft, and spirituality, study. Challenges include managing ego expression, avoiding overreaction to or personalizing issues, managing finances and responsibilities.

Rune Divination: Thurisaz, Jera, and Hagalaz comprise today’s rune divination where we invoke higher awareness to control and transform our chaotic thoughts and perceptions. Thurisaz, Thor’s rune, describes opposition and controlling impulsive behavior, and in this reading, describes controlling the chaos or struggle within. Jera, or year, illustrates unfolding higher awareness. Created from Kenaz, forward and reversed, Jera infuses and transforms our experiences with higher self awareness so that a shift in perception occurs. Hagalaz, as the Norn rune of the past, disrupts our focus so that we can restructure our perceptions with clarity and resolve.

General Patterns — Self-confidence today is high and you express yourself with clarity and resolve. Your leadership skills are on display and your unique approach to problems impress both co-workers and those in authority. Should conflict arise, control your emotions so that you gain a greater understanding of all factors involved.

Lunar position: Gemini until Cancer at 2:01 PM PDT — Even though decisions are made easily today, it’s best to take counsel from others with more experience to give you the broadest outlook possible. Stay focused and respect boundaries while avoiding direct confrontation if someone seems to be out of sorts and not particularly helpful. This is likely a passing thing and should resolve on its own. The weekly esoteric influences are available here.

The Ascendant: Scorpio — a feminine, fixed sign that suggests an individual who may exercise some restraint before initiating something new preferring to see how others manage something…

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