Esoteric Forecast for Friday, 18 June 2021

Jan Erickson
5 min readJun 18, 2021

In today’s Esoteric forecast, we’re going to look at the current influences from both traditional and esoteric astrology as well as the daily numerology on our lives!

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Lunar positionVirgo until Libra at 1:54 AM PDT — With the Moon in Libra and the 3rd House of communication, you naturally seek harmony with others, particularly a spouse or other close partners. Listen more than you speak and exercise some restraint to avoid lashing out in anger so that you don’t lose support from others, especially if in a leadership position. Refer to the current Esoteric Influences for more information regarding today’s influences.

Significant Aspects or Patterns


  • Mercury R/Vesta/Juno R — with both Juno and Mercury in retrograde, reevaluation of how you see yourself within partnerships and the expectations you have of others (Juno) as well as how well you express yourself (Gemini, Vesta). In this case, how you come across to others needs reflection. Are you compassionate in your tone? Are you able to convey your message in a manner that is easily understood by others? Be aware of this and more so that you don’t alienate the very people you need (and who need you) the most.

Additional Aspects (Goddess planets, Lilith, Nodes, and Ascendant aspects follow in their own categories)

  • Sun (12th/Gemini) sesquisquare Saturn (7th/Aquarius R) — reflect on where you are at this juncture and if obstacles continually befall you, reevaluate to make steady progress
  • Sun (12th/Gemini) semisquare Uranus (10th/Taurus) — indicates the need for some restraint today
  • Saturn (7th/Aquarius R) square Uranus (10th/Taurus) — suggests insecurity surrounding ability, authority, and compromise.
  • Saturn (7th/Aquarius R) sextile Chiron (10th/Aries) — you embrace past emotional difficulties with resolve and awareness, providing assistance to others who are experiencing the same

Goddess-oriented Planetary Interactions (Note: nurturing self and others seems to be in focus today)

  • Sun (12th/Gemini) square Pallas…
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