I saw another article explaining why one should never mess with an empath. I tend not to read them anymore because I have a different take on who I am even though I understand why these articles are written. I’m turning sixty in October and I was born both a witch and an empath, so I understand the issues we face. But I have to wonder if articles that try to explain the nature of our awareness as some sort of a defense are really doing us any favors.

We live in a passive-aggressive world. The Law of One tells us that we each make a choice to live in service to self or in service to others and along with our inner polarity, that’s the essential duality in which we live. It also stresses that the Creator or Source is All That Is and that we are expressions of the All. What that means is if the Creator is All That Is, then everything and everyone is the Creator personified into some type of form. We’re not separate from each other; we only appear so while in form.

Our perceived separation is just that, a perception. Instead of seeing and experiencing everything through Source Vision, we do so through the self-possessed ego. If we all understood who we truly are, then there would be no need for articles cautioning people to be careful around empaths. We would all have that awareness. And now that we’re in the time of ascension, many are experiencing that immense awareness and remembrance of Self.

It’s true that empaths know things. We know when someone’s vibration changes and typically what’s going on when it does. Empaths naturally feel in to someone when their vibration changes to see what’s up. In fact, it takes a concerted effort not to do that. We do it to see if something is wrong and if we can possibly help. If the vibration feels uncomfortable, it may be that an energy vampire is around and we have to take steps at that point to shield ourselves from their intrusive energy. So we feel in for various reasons, either to be of assistance or to protect ourselves and others.

Unless they’re vampiric with their energy, empaths are typically nice people who are simply more aware of and experience their true nature than others appear to do. We come into our lives with this awareness and we couldn’t suppress it if we tried. And while it’s true that given our awareness it makes no sense to mess with us, suggesting so all the time seems to create an adversarial relationship that no one needs, especially the empath. We already feel out of place in the world. Why make it any more difficult?

Because here’s the thing: just because we know things doesn’t mean anyone will validate that awareness. What if there’s no proof of what we’re saying? What if it’s only our word? Trust me, people who want to cause trouble with others will deny outright everything they’re doing. Then it becomes a he said, she said situation with the person in question potentially becoming even more deceptive. I’m not suggesting that an empath keep his or her mouth shut when the situation requires them to speak up, but that it doesn’t always turn out well when we do.

We’re living in less than noble times. Those choosing the service to self model are ramping up their behavior to quash those living in service to others. An empath sees no reason for such behavior knowing that it’s silly and counterproductive. Because it’s really the same as if each cell of our body decided to do it’s own thing at the expense of the other cells in the body. Illness would break out and the body would die.

As long as I can remember, I’ve felt a sense of impending doom when conflict breaks out or when someone is manipulating others for their own end. It’s that oh no feeling that comes over me. I have always viewed myself as one with all and whenever I see or experience something that challenges or interferes with that truth, I experience it as if our very survival is threatened. Because in many ways, it is.

We must care about each other even if only on some basic level. We don’t have to always like everyone, but we need to know that each of us is essential and make every effort to convey that truth in our daily lives. The empath as adversary makes no sense when each one of us possesses that same awareness, remembered or not. The discomfort others feel around us is proof of that otherwise they would be none the wiser. Instead of focusing on how not to mess with us, how about focusing upon how we increase that remembrance of Self in others? How about we find a way back to each other instead of doing everything possible to remain apart?

Empaths are no one’s adversary. We’re family.

Blessed be

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on July 19, 2017.

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