Elemental Correspondences In Witchcraft

Jan Erickson
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As above, so below. Everything has its correspondence. Witches use correspondences in magickal workings to align specific energies together to create a greater effect. They can be elemental in nature but all things correspond to something else. Elemental energies, however, move things along and they consist of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. All flow from Spirit.

Spirit expands, Air increases that motion generating heat that Fire expands further, contracted by Water, to focus into the stability and physical form of Earth. And although everything is essentially a component or aspect of everything else, things still fall into the four elemental categories. Following is a listing of the four elements and a few of their correspondences.


The element of Air represents our intellect and communication. Its direction is East and its influence is active versus passive. Air represents Spring and new beginnings, the throat, the Air signs of Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini, and the planet Mercury. Yellow and lavender are its colors and Raphael its archangel. The articulate and logical sylph is the elemental being with Paralda its ruler, and the athame and mirrors are its magickal tools. Deities include Hermes/Thoth/Mercury, Aradia, and Nuit and the Goddess aspect is Maiden. Air plants and herbs include lavender, agrimony, licorice and cinnamon, ephedra, pine, and meadowsweet, and crystals include citrine, opal, and fluorite. Air also represents the witch’s power To Know concerning reason, intuition, and the gaining of knowledge and wisdom.


Fire represents the will, passion, and motivation. Its direction is South and its season is Summer. An active element, its tool for ritual and magickal working is the wand that stimulates and directs energetic intention. Salamanders are Fire’s elemental being with the powerful Djinn its ruler. And as a point of reference, salamanders are dragons-in-training. Michael is the archangel associated with Fire and Aires, Leo, and Sagittarius are the corresponding astrological signs with Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun its planetary correspondences. Fire deities include Kali, Bast, Brigid, Hestia, and Astarte and the Goddess phase is Mother. Plants and herbs include calendula, chamomile, frankincense, ginger, nettle, and sunflowers while crystals include carnelian, red jasper, ruby, and bloodstone. Fire also represents the witch’s power To Will concerning self-discipline and focus.


Love, intuition, fertility, and our emotional presence are represented by elemental Water. Receptive in nature, Water transmutes and brings change. Its direction is West, its season is Fall, and its magickal tools are the chalice, crystal balls, cauldrons, and cords. Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are its astrological signs and the Moon and Jupiter which also appears above in Fire. Jupiter can also involve Air — it’s a planet with expansive effect. Gabriel is Water’s archangel and undines are its elemental being with Nekksa its ruler. Rumor has it, the undines love tiny boxes for their treasures. So do I. Tiamat, Isis, Poseidon, and Danu are among the deities and the Goddess phase is Mother. To Dare is Water’s power involving our emotions, heart, and facing our fears.


Creation, material possessions, birth, death, wisdom, our legacy, are all represented by elemental Earth. Its quality is receptive, its direction is North, and its season is Winter. The Pentacle is its magickal tool that witches use to both draw in and project energy. It can also be used as a protective shield in ritual and magickal workings. Earthy colors include black, browns, and greens. Black stones such as obsidian and jet are its crystals along with hematite and lodestone while mugwort, amaranth, wormwood, and Solomon’s Seal are its plants and herbs. Saturn and Pluto are corresponding planets while Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo are its astrological signs. Deities include Gaia, Cernnunos, and Cerridwen and gnomes, elves, and trolls are the Earth’s elemental beings. Auriel governs the Earth as its archangel and its Goddess aspect is Crone and reflects the witch’s power To Keep Silence representing the silent voice within.

Although there are certainly more correspondences available, these are the ones that I usually take into consideration when performing magickal workings. Additionally, timing is important as is moon phase, but this list gives a general idea of how elemental energies correspond. Clearly, we can go a little crazy loading up the altar with representative energies, but do whatever feels right. If you simply want to gather your intention and focus it mentally, by all means, go for it. Don’t let the missing dragon stone stop you from casting your intention. Well, you might want to find that one. No reason to upset the dragons.


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