Donald Trump: Puppet of Russia or Puppet of the Mercers?

So is Donald the puppet, or is it America? It’s so interesting, the talk from conspiracy folks these days. They believe Donald Trump is their guy and that he’ll bring about the end of the Cabal along with Disclosure. They believe he’s draining the swamp when he’s filling it with the very Cabal members they claim are running for their lives. Do they honestly believe the DeVos’s of the world have their best interests at heart? They find the oddest comfort in this regime. But as we learn more about the behavior of Cambridge Analytica, will that comfort give way to concern?

Because here’s what they did. They gave Trump every word he spoke out on the campaign trail. All the lock her up chants, and every other disgusting lie he told. His supporters bought the lies, hook, line, and sinker. They were slogans. Lies. But since it’s believed that Americans are driven by their worst demons, they went all in, manipulating every voter who would listen.

To be fair, I do believe there is a group of people who run the world. Call them the Cabal, the Illuminati, call them whatever you want, but I believe they exist and have existed throughout humanity’s time on Earth. We have historical accounts of their early behavior and there’s no reason to believe they’ve simply gone away. Not when their descendants comprise the wealthiest families in the world.

I also believe that our bodies are evidence of extra-terrestrial involvement in our genetic structure. In other words, other races have had a hand in our creation. And since the powers that be are so given to hanging on to that power, they’ve kept that truth from the general population. Religions as well count on our lack of understanding and use that deception as a means of control. But make no mistake about it, the truth of us and the world has yet to come out in any formal manner. Call that Disclosure if you like, but what we’re seeing, what we know, is controlled by others.

But was the 2016 presidential election the actual false flag? Because if we think about it, in light of what we’re learning about Cambridge Analytica’s attempts at buying the election for Trump, how can we trust anything that Trump says? What if all of this has been a carefully crafted plan by the Mercers and Bannon to see just how far they needed to go to manipulate attitudes and beliefs?

That would mean the QAnon thing was a sham as was everything else. That it was planted information to stir up the conspiracy crowd. How could it not be? Now that we know about the Mercers and Bannon and what they did to manipulate voters. They gave Donald the script and he, being the television personality that he is, played the part and lied his way into office. And if there was a little voter hacking as well, what’s the diff? He’s the Disclosure president who will send the Cabal packing. Right. They’re probably heading to his resorts right now. It’s Friday, after all. Maybe catch a golf game with Donnie.

Although voting for Trump was out of the question, I might think differently about all of this had Trump come in and actually wanted intelligent, honest people for his Cabinet. But that’s not what happened. If his supporters believe that hiring billionaires is the answer to the other billionaires in D.C., then they’re about as stupid as they come. The Mercers duped them all with Bannon and Trump as their biggest shills. And now there is videotaped evidence to prove that.

This is embarrassing. Or it should be. Humiliating, even. That so many in our country were so easily duped this way. The Mercers and Bannon observed the American people and then targeted the group that would take them into the White House. And if I’m correct, when those folks finally accept what’s been done to them, how will they react? I hate it when someone lies to me. But those lies don’t affect an entire country, just my tiny portion of it. These lies, on the other hand, have the potential to destroy the world.

A small number of people did this, a Cabal of sorts. It’s how it’s been on this Earth for as long as humanity has existed. A small group of people controlling the rest. Just like they did in the 2016 presidential election. Drain the swamp? Nope. Just adding their own to the soup.

The question remains, are we going to let them get away with it again? Or do we have the collective will to stop them?

Originally published at on March 23, 2018.



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