Donald Likens Himself To Andrew Jackson, A President Who Owned Slaves

No, Donald, Andrew Jackson wouldn’t have done a deal to prevent Civil War given that he owned slaves.¹ Why would he ever want to end what served him so well? Do you believe in the keeping of slaves? With what Chinese workers are paid to produce his daughter’s clothing line, I have to wonder. He says he was told that he was similar to Jackson even visiting the First Lady’s grave when in Tennessee. On top of that, Jackson founded the Democratic Party, so has Donald returned to that as well?

A friend on Facebook reminded me that Jackson was responsible for the Trail of Tears, the senseless relocation of the Cherokee nation to Oklahoma and one would think something like that would give the new guy pause. But then we learned how he feels about Native Americans when he signed off on the pipeline project continuing through sacred land. It’s business, after all. And as we all know by now business deals are more important than clean water or the dignity of the water protectors who stood in defense of the land.

He said that he didn’t know if Lil Un is sane or not, but remarked in an interview that he’s a smart cookie.² And continuing his fascination with the dictatorial types, he’s invited the Duterte ³ fellow to the White House. Never mind the death squads. Just a nice dinner at Maralago amongst business associates, no doubt including his daughter.

The new guy is intent upon remaking the country in a way that hurts people. He takes the worst, most destructive positions possible giving the impression when interviewed that he doesn’t actually know any of the details. His inartful and inarticulate expressions make one wonder if he actually received any education at all or was it as valueless as his university turned out to be?

Our boys finished their primary education at home. They both went on to attend and graduate from college so it’s not that I’m opposed to alternative forms of education because, in the case of my kids, that format served them well. One of the history texts they used while homeschooling was Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States (4), a text I viewed as a more accurate version of history. Perhaps the new guy should read that before opening his mouth any further because the private schools he attended apparently didn’t share any of these facts. It tells the story of our country from the perspective of those not in power, not that he shows any capacity to care about that.

His focus has been on self-aggrandizement in blissful denial of the basic needs of society and his policies reflect that stance. Bush seemed to be unaware of the world-at-large as well, but he pales in comparison to the new guy who potentially changes his mind with every new encounter, seems easily led by anyone with an agenda, and still, he shows no ability to effectively lead.

A lifetime of self-absorption gives us what we see now: a man-child unable to make it through the day without a rally filled with adoring crowds or a golf game to play. It makes no sense to interview him because he clearly cannot answer the questions asked without appearing incoherent. Instead, he holds up executive orders that he claims he doesn’t read, appearing delighted that he can sign his name.

It’s sad, really, to live one’s life this way. To have so much wealth without any awareness of or concern for the average person’s way of life doesn’t qualify someone to be the leader of the free world. He’s out of his league, this ego-driven man-child, his lack of impulse control the new normal.

Maybe voters should send him some history books, Zinn’s in particular. Throw in a geography text or two as well for balance. He’s realizing that he likes his old life better which gives us at least something to work with. But until he goes, could he please do us all a favor and just stop speaking?

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Originally published at on May 1, 2017.

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