Dominion and Unity of Purpose ~ Tarot for 29 April 2017

The hexagrams and the overall numerology of 11 provide the foundation for today’s tarot reading. Illumination, instinct, and our subconscious are 11’s influences suggesting that our answers are found within. From the hexagrams, we discover the focus of the reading.

Hexagram or gua 62 appears at the bottom of the 8 of Stones and is titled Preponderance of the Small. The other hexagram appears on the 2 of Wands and is titled The Taming Power of the Great. Notice how each is an anagram of the other with 8 or strength as their numerological influence suggesting that we derive strength from self-discipline and our memories of shared experience.

A greater purpose is felt with this reading which makes sense given the instability of those now in power. Nothing makes sense anymore as power grabs continue. What was once thought of as criminal behavior has now become the norm. And now the hexagrams from the IChing are suggesting that we stay patient and focused on the details which are emerging. Power is being shifted into the hands of a select few who have only self-interest at heart. The safety and security of the tribe are being threatened daily, at the hands of people with no moral compass, and our task now is to stay as focused as possible on what’s actually happening. Details matter and can become lost in the fray and our vigilance is required.

Looking at the cards, Haindl titles the 8 of Stones, Knowledge. A card of elemental Earth, eight boulders are suspended in front of a stone structure. A narrow window appears in its center with a rock-like elephant appearing on the lower left. Strength and protection, memory and knowledge are this card’s influences.

The Moon appears next in the reading bringing hidden aspects to light. The lobster emerging from the water suggests both rebirth and protection while the incredible unicorn indicates our intuitive side. The rune, Othala appears in the upper right-hand corner signifying ancestral tradition and unified presence. This card from the Major Arcana is counseling us to find what may be hidden from view, with awareness and illumination our ultimate goal.

Odin is represented as the King of Cups, hanging upside down from the World Tree, offering an eye in exchange for the revelation of the runes. Self-disciplined yet tolerant and kind, the King is a wise counselor to the tribe, spiritual and compassionate. He may be the wild card in the reading, however, if ill-dignified becoming shallow and passive aggressive.

An eagle flies above a large round boulder, a rainbow arching overhead. The Ace of Stones, in the hidden position of the reading, suggests the genesis of material security and prosperity. Spirit and matter align in the Ace of Stones, as above so below its message. The rainbow itself suggests that difficulties are ending and all possibilities are available to us.

Balanced intention, courage, and the will to stand in one’s power are among the influences the 2 of Wands brings to the reading’s outcome. Two flamed-tipped spears are crossed in front of the entrance to an abandoned stone temple preventing our passage. Dominion is the card’s title counseling us to push past challenges toward new experiences.

So it would appear that we should remain focused on details which are emerging, remaining steadfast in our unity of purpose. It’s not the time to take our eyes off the ball. The security and stability of the tribe are too important. And when all has been revealed, we will stand together with the power of our integrity leading us toward our goal.

The so-called new guy apparently is whining about how hard the job is, preferring to spend his evening with supporters instead of journalists at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. I guess the jokes would be too much for his sensitive feelings. His friend Putin has been politely asked to resign¹ by protesters.

One hundred days in and he’s still whining. Any luck, and he’ll be gone before the next hundred.

Our shared experiences will sustain us in the days ahead. The way forward is together, irrespective of what the so-called new guy and his minions believe. We’ll undo the damage, together, that they do to us, adding that experience to those already shared. Our dominion requires unity of purpose. With what’s clearly at stake, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on April 29, 2017.



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