Dear Donald: In The End, You Were A Puppet After All

This week has really been exhausting, hasn’t it? My husband and I set the alarm for 5:45 am so that we could watch this week’s witnesses testify at your impeachment hearing. Did the stress of last week’s testimony cause you to head over to Walter Reed last weekend? Or was that trip a ruse to curry sympathy from others?

Peggy Noonan wrote an op-ed out today in the New Yorker that essentially asks the question, what is there left that we need? I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the general gist of her words. And she makes a fair point. Fiona Hill’s testimony alone should give the Senate everything it needs and with Sondland’s testimony as well, Ms. Noonan may be correct.

Irrespective of all the reasons why you should have never been elected in the first place, your inability to function any other way than you do should be enough right there to convince the country that it’s time for you to leave. I know you won’t do so, but it’s the right thing now. And no amount of dissembling and hyperbole from your attack dogs on the House Intelligence Committee can save you. It’s time this collective nightmare ended.

All this talk of dementia, Adderall addiction, malignant narcissism, sexual deviancy, all of it may be pure speculation or it may all be true. In time, no matter who or what you are, the country is going to resoundingly reject your antics out of hand and rightfully so.

I don’t know how else to say it but from where I sit, you’re done. You’ve caused enough trouble, enough headaches, enough drama, and enough shame for a lifetime and the country simply cannot take the embarrassment and worry anymore. We’re tired, worn out from your endless lies and vitriol. I mean, why make any further attempt to discern truth from fiction because it’s a waste of energy. Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie.

You know it and we know it. Just as we know that you didn’t open that plant in Texas the other day because it’s been in operation since 2013. The wall you want to build is so scalable that even a politician was viewed taking a selfie while sitting on the top, and it’s so easily broken through that a cordless saw can be used to easily accomplish the task. With extra batteries, a hole the size of a semi-truck could be opened in no time.

But here’s the reason I’m writing to you again. Regarding this Ukraine and Syria nonsense, all of your decisions appear to benefit Russia and Turkey. And for some reason, you think the United States should be able to take whatever oil is there and then sell it to Exxon. Wouldn’t that be considered a war crime?

So, I ask you, is the impeachment trial in the Senate just a warmup for the trial you’ll receive at the Hague? Between the Kurdish deaths you’ve caused in Ukraine and Syria and the treatment of migrants at our border, I have to wonder if a trial in the Hague is your final destination?

But while we’re here, allow me to ask one final question. Where are the missing migrant children? Have they been placed into an adoption pipeline? Because if that’s what you’re doing with them, how is this not equivalent to child trafficking, Donald?

I mean, your supporters have been so adamant that you’re some crime-fighting hero. That you were taking down the deep state, predators, and pedophiles all while appearing inept as president. It’s an act, they say, a ruse to keep the rest of the country in the dark, only to have the truth revealed in the end.

But in the end, Donald, I have a feeling that the only truth revealed will be that you’re nothing of the sort. You’re no hero but in fact, a useful puppet easily manipulated by dictators who laugh at you while they do so.

Even Lil Un has decided not to gift you with his presence. Face it. You were played by people who saw you coming. It’s as simple as that. And the country will remain at risk until you’re finally removed from the White House.

So, fuss if you must. Lie, obfuscate, and otherwise misstate the truth. It won’t matter in the end. You’ll be gone, in prison likely, with the world watching in unison, grateful to those who stood up and spoke the truth.

It’s certainly more than you’ve ever done.

So, until next time, because there will no doubt be one…

Originally published at on November 22, 2019.



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