Dear Donald: I know…I said I wouldn’t do this again

Okay, Donald. I said I wouldn’t write to you again, but here we are. It’s a little stormy out so it seemed apropos to enlighten you once again. Rumor has it, you’re upset with Huckabee’s daughter for not covering your ass adequately enough over this whole porn star situation you’ve created for yourself. Although I don’t exactly like her, given her smug and condescending remarks to everyone, that’s not really the point.

You expect a level of loyalty that appears to require staffers to lie, potentially breaking the law on your behalf. Mercy sakes, Donald, you’ve been there for over a year and you still haven’t figured out that this was a bad idea, to begin with? You’re far too compromised to be the president of anything let alone the United States of America. And it doesn’t make any difference if it’s Russia, Israel, or just the fact that you can’t keep your dick in your pants, you can’t seem to keep your mouth shut long enough to either not offend an ally or give away intelligence secrets. Today on Twitter, I suggested the use of duct tape. I guess we’ll all wait to see if there are any takers.

As long as there’s video, I always say…

And dude…you actually needed crib notes to remember to show empathy to the kids and parents attending your listening session? Seriously? Why? You’re a dad, a grandfather. You had to be told to be kind? You say that you like conflict. That it drives the conversation to something greater. I know. My words here. But that was essentially what you said. But from my perspective, it’s one thing to use a catalyst to drive innovative conversation but to taunt and demean others isn’t appropriate. It’s you being a bully and no one needs that. Professionalism. Look it up.

As far as I’m concerned, you brought all of this on yourself when you decided to live the way that you do. If you want to have sex with other women, then give Melania a nice settlement and move on. I’m sure she’s had enough of your sorry ass anyway. Because to demean the First Lady of our country this way is inexcusable. I don’t really care how she entered the country although reports are beginning to suggest that it wasn’t by legal means. So I don’t really care that she’s dealing with this on a personal level because she knew who you were when she married you. So that ship sailed then. But the country shouldn’t have to witness this. And neither should your youngest son. It’s low-brow and tacky.

Like you.

So, as you know by now, I’m a witch so I may see life a little differently than some. Witches don’t suffer fools gladly as the saying goes. We don’t like nonsense nor do we like anyone hurting anyone else. We prefer decorum. That said, we’re not afraid to mix things up when the situation calls for it. It’s probably why so many are performing monthly protection rituals since your election.

However, I’ve chosen to write to you instead, taking a more direct approach. Yes, there were two pumpkins, one large and one small, with some cornsilk for hair. I couldn’t find duct tape so I had to use electrical tape, but since that time, I find writing far more cathartic. Besides, I set the intention to last for years, so it is what it is.

Words matter, Donald. Every time you tweet something, you potentially affect everything. The more rabid among your supporters don’t understand the ramifications or the potential problems you cause. But cause them, you do. Words matter, Donald. Whether they’re in a spell, a prayer, on Twitter, or at a podium in front of the world.

Today is International Women’s Day, Donald. And on this day I will say to you: I BELIEVE YOUR ACCUSERS. And I would bet that the majority in the country do as well. Fire Sarah soon if that’s your intent. Let her move on to something more dignified than speaking on behalf of you. Of course, that’s assuming she has any integrity left after you’re finished with her.

NO WOMAN should have to defend your sexual proclivities. Not to anyone. You should come out and do that yourself. Allow everyone see you lie through your teeth. Let them see who you are, assuming they don’t know by now.

You know your days are numbered. As more and more indictments happen, those closest to you will save themselves before they’ll ever save you. So do the right thing. Stop the insanity and resign.

With any luck, we won’t talk again soon…

Blessed Be

Originally published at on March 8, 2018.



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