Daily Magick ~ 11 November 2022

Jan Erickson
2 min readNov 11, 2022

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The day itself has a numerology of 11, the Master number for awakening, enlightenment, and the spiritual messenger. The month is an 11 as well, so it can be viewed as an extra powerful 11, or if we add the month and day together, we arrive at 22, the Master number for Cosmic Builder energy. Looking at the year, 2022, there is also another 22 present, so irrespective of how you might incorporate today’s numerology in your working, it’s destined to offer a powerful higher influence.

The favorability for working magick today is excellent with planets aligning with the Water element having the strongest influence. Friday’s magickal focus generally involves compassion, love, harmony, attracting a partner, partnership issues, female sexuality, fertility, healing, and friendship.

The Sun is in Scorpio and The Moon is in Gemini until it enters Cancer at 4:23 pm PST. Void of Course begins at 2:28 pm PST and ends at 4:22 pm PST. The Moon, now waning, remains in its Full phase signaling that relationships are an important part of your life with magicks of decrease recommended.

The Moon is in the 7th Mansion (Aldirah/Al Dhira) the arm of Gemini which is good for promoting friendship and love, and gain; however, it’s not good for legal issues. Planets in retrograde include Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Chiron.

General correspondences on this day governed by Venus include:


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