Daily Astrology for Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Jan Erickson
4 min readApr 21, 2021

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Lunar position ~ Leo — With the Moon in Leo, others may be drawn to your social nature. Plan an online gathering if you cannot gather together safely in person yet to reconnect with family and friends. It’s been a difficult year and everyone, including you, needs some nurturing right now. Refer to the current Esoteric Influences for more information regarding today’s influences.

Significant Aspects or Patterns

Stelliums (power interactions)

  • Sun/Mercury/Venus — suggests asserting oneself while remaining in harmony with others
  • Sun/Mercury/Venus/Uranus — describes an innovative approach to interactions with others

Additional Aspects

  • Mercury (12th/Taurus) trine Vesta (4th/Virgo) — indicates a focus on sacred areas of study
  • Venus (11th/Taurus) conjunct Uranus (12th/Taurus) — describes a need for individuality within relationships
  • Venus (11th/Taurus) trine Vesta (4th/Virgo) — indicates that hearth and home provide a comfortable space for you to nurture and develop relationships with others
  • Venus (11th/Taurus) sesquisquare Juno (7th/Sagittarius) — indicates the need for balancing the nurturing of self and others
  • Saturn (9th/Aquarius) square Uranus (11th/Taurus) suggests insecurity surrounding authority and compromise.
  • Uranus (12th/Taurus) trine Vesta (4th/Virgo) — suggests balancing a spiritual concern for the greater good and a motivation to help others with taking care of oneself as well
  • Neptune (11th/Pisces) square Juno (7th/Sagittarius) — describes the need to see others realistically, especially when providing assistance or selecting a partner

The Ascendant — Gemini — a Mutable sign that suggests movement, activity, versatility, interaction-oriented, chatty, and sometimes superficial or scattered. A square with Vesta indicates the importance of including ritual and a sacred focus within your life, while a semisquare with Ceres cautions that conflict may arise over how nurturing occurs within close…

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