Daily Astrology for Thursday, 22 April 2021

Significant Aspects or Patterns

Stelliums (power interactions)

  • Sun/Mercury/Venus/Uranus — describes an innovative approach to interactions with others
  • Venus (12th/9°Taurus) conjunct Uranus (12th/10°Taurus) — describes a strong need for individuality within relationships
  • Venus (12th/Taurus) trine Vesta (4th/Virgo) — indicates that hearth and home provide a comfortable space for you to nurture and develop relationships with others
  • Venus (11th/Taurus) sesquisquare Juno (7th/Sagittarius) — indicates the need for balancing the nurturing of self and others
  • Saturn (10th/Aquarius) square Uranus (12th/Taurus) suggests insecurity surrounding ability, authority, and compromise.
  • Uranus (12th/Taurus) trine Vesta (4th/Virgo) — suggests balancing a spiritual concern for the greater good and a motivation to help others with taking care of oneself as well
  • Neptune (11th/Pisces) square Juno (7th/Sagittarius) — describes the need to see others realistically, especially when providing assistance or selecting a partner
  • Pluto (9th/Capricorn) square Ceres (12th/Aries) — indicates nurturing that’s conditional in nature.
  • Pluto (9th/Capricorn) square Eris (12th/Aries) — describing a possible obsessive focus on the path to self-mastery (Seltzer)
  • A square with Vesta indicates the importance of including ritual and a sacred focus within your life
  • A semisquare with Ceres cautions that conflict may arise over how nurturing occurs within close relationships
  • A semisquare with Eris signals the potential to speak truth to power
  • Chiron trine the South Node indicates that profound growth from a difficult situation or illness in your life may benefit others
  • Pallas square the N Node/S Node suggests a new strategy may be beneficial when understanding the viewpoints of others

Numerology ~ 4/22/2021

  • Life Path — 4 — describes a life path or destiny that involves patience, hard work and accepting responsibility
  • Day — 22 — Master Number, Cosmic Builder, profound soul-level manifestation
  • Challenges — expressing self-determinism and keeping the ego in check

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