Creating A Healing Bindrune

Jan Erickson
4 min readOct 18, 2017


I use a specific process when creating bindrunes. I could select them intentionally, but I prefer to let the runes decide the bindrune which is what I did today. I wanted the focus of the bindrune to be on healing. Many have been through so much lately with the recent hurricanes and senseless violence that plagues the world so a healing bindrune seems appropriate.

I drew in my energetic presence to its still point and then allowed the runes to fall through my fingers inside the rune bag. I pulled the remaining rune from the bag and placed it on the altar. After repeating the process two more times, it felt right to stop. So, Perthro, Hagalaz, and Wunjo are going to be the runes I’ll use for the healing bindrune.

Perthro represents fate, Hagalaz, destruction before transformation, and Wunjo, harmony and joy. A progression is present as well with Perthro beginning the process that results in a joyful outcome, in this case, healing. Hagalaz represents the process of change and transformation. This is why I let the runes decide the outcome.

Perthro itself represents the well from which the runes were drawn by the Norns of Fate to present to Odin while he hung upside down from the Tree of Life. Along with fate, Perthro signifies the womb and birth and promotes healing and the understanding of the unknown.

Hagalaz ensures a positive outcome as it provides the structure within which transformation occurs. As the witch rune, Hagalaz disrupts the current energies so that change can take hold. A Norn rune representing the past Hagalaz assists in banishing negative influences.

Success and happiness are among Wunjo’s primary influences, but it’s also considered the wish rune. But instead of a wish, we can substitute the idea of focus, which is essentially one way a bindrune is used in rune magick, as a focus used to send or cast an intention. Wunjo, then, acts as a final point of focus for the energy of the bindrune with the ultimate result the healing we seek whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

The numerology of each rune cast is 14, 8, and 9 reducing to an overall numerology of four or the strength of Mother Earth energy, foundation, and structure so the numerology of the runes provides additional support for the healing bindrune.

So now that we have the runes for the bindrune, it’s time to arrange them in a meaningful fashion. The meaningful part is subjective and depends on the individual creating it. I like to view Perthro as a directional container, either spilling out to the right, typically meaning birth or to the left indicating death. Turned upward and I see it as life spilling forth and aligning with Spirit, so I turned it upward for this bindrune and placed Hagalaz over it as its protective structure. Wunjo rises like the phoenix from within Perthro supported by Hagalaz. Three points of light hovering above the bindrune represent the Norns of Fate and our connection and alignment with Spirit.

You can see that when Perthro is turned so that it opens upward that it resembles an apothecary jar and why I like to use it that way in a healing bindrune. I like to depict a flow of energy when I create them and I think I achieve that here. After quietly blessing and consecrating the bindrune, its intention is charged and now ready for anyone to use. It’s easy to replicate so feel free to use it as a talisman for healing. After recreating the sigil in whatever manner you wish, hold your receptive hand over it, bring your thoughts to their still point, and focus your intention into the sigil. It can be drawn on anything to promote healing or can be carried on your person to support healing throughout your day.


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